Today’s Daily Draw

The Son of Water brings to mind the Right Side Fred song of the early 90’s called, I’m too Sexy. The image on our card is very dreamy and sensual. Our brave is standing in the water, with the moon shining down on him. This suggests he is very intuitive and in touch with his feelings. He is good looking and he knows it, he’s charming and romantic. Our young man is also a bit calculating and experienced at using all his qualities to his advantage. Like his brothers in the tarot he is a messenger and here to let us know that we should be careful about any mixed messages we get today. Although he would not be purposefully dishonest, it would be a good idea to listen to our intuition. If it feels like someone is trying to manipulate or lie to us, confront the source and stop it cold.

Since our young brave is quite the romantic it might be nice to take advantage of this opportunity to have a nice quiet evening with someone special. Take the kids to Grandmas for the night, shut off the phones and put on some music. Enjoy a cocktail and see where it goes from there!

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s four day will have us wanting to stay organized and on track. Four is the builder and being aware of anyone trying to stop our progress by deception will help us stay on the right path.

Today’s Crystals

Today is another day where I couldn’t decide which crystal so I chose them all. We have Turquoise, Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli to help us see when someone might be trying to pull something over on us. Just in case we want to spark a little romance we have Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite and Garnet.

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