Chaos Another Look

My guides often come while I sleep and talk to me. A few nights ago my guides were talking to me about Chaos. They were telling me that the universe has always sought balance and harmony but neither can be found without chaos. It occurred to me that I did a blog about this very subject back in March of 2015, you read it here. It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years, and it’s March. That’s interesting!

As difficult as it might seem in the midst of everything going crazy or falling apart around us. These times are necessary if we are to grow as beings. Without the pain and disappointment chaos can bring we wouldn’t appreciate the good things in life.

Chaos is an excellent teacher. It’s only when disappointment and failure leave us broken to pieces that we are shown how strong and determined we can be. In that strength and determination we learn focus and self-confidence. Bad relationships teach us what love really is and how to love ourselves first. Confusion teaches us to think creatively and only a mistake will allow us to appreciate the consequences of bad decisions and actions. The experience of chaos in our lives teaches us to be practical and think ahead. If things didn’t fall apart occasionally we would not have the opportunity to come back together a better, wiser and stronger version of who we were and this is where harmony and balance are found. Now isn’t that interesting!

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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