Today’s Daily Draw

At first glance the energy of the Seven of Air appears a little discouraging. We see a spear with a broken tip and seven feathers falling into three groups. The spear stands against a stone wall as seven birds fly in the distance. A broken spear isn’t much good and this highlights the mood our day may hold. But, it’s the feathers in this image that tell the larger story, and that is having a lack of focus and direction. We see two feathers pointing to the ground suggesting that we have not fully let something go. Perhaps we had been looking forward to plans that fell through, maybe someone we trusted lied to us or the truth of a situation we have been avoiding hit home. The two feathers facing right represent conscious thought and following the traditional familiar path. The three on the left are also pointing down and tell us that we might feel an untapped potential, an element of a wild untraveled road calling to us from beyond the wall, and we can’t let go of that desire either.

All of this tells us we may feel like a boat without a rudder today. Without focus and a clear sense of direction we’re not going anywhere. The birds in the distance, against the lightning sky, give us the final part of our message. In the Tarot birds remind us to get above the situation and reclaim some perspective. With that newly gained perspective we can make a clear and definite choice that will get us headed in whatever direction our hearts lead.

Today’s Universal Number

With a Nine energy today we should have all we need to find our way. The nine energy is about endings and new beginnings. Don’t be afraid to make a change that will help you focus on the exciting things coming for you.

Today’s Crystals

For the clarity we need to gain a new perspective on an issue I chose Flourite and Citrine. Both are excellent for breaking through and finding our way. Other possibilities are Smokey Quartz, Malachite, Amazonite and Clear Quartz is always a good choice because it’s programmable.


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