Turquoise Jasper In The Morning Light

African Turquoise Jasper is all about change and being open to new possibilities. While this stone is called turquoise it is actually a jasper. Visually they are similar but when looking close you can see that the African Turquoise is spotted and has more inclusions; where actual turquoise has lines of dark color and no spots or inclusions. I tried to find out where in Africa this stone was first found and by whom but couldn’t find any information beyond the fact that it seems to be fairly common and is considered valuable.

The energy of this stone is about transformation in a gentle and loving way. It’s known as the “Stone of Evolution” because it helps you reach the point in your life where you see the need for positive change. This stone works well with both the Third Eye and Heart Chakra to open you up to the idea of new possibilities in your life. Working with it will raise your confidence, help you regain balance and find the structure needed to move forward.

On a more physical level African Turquoise Jasper:

  • Helps calm mood swings
  • Eases depression
  • Helps ease joint pain
  • Helps improve kidney function
  • Improves digestion

I bought and began using this stone because of these qualities. I do feel it’s helped me a great deal to overcome the grief of my Mothers transition and the joint pain I have had for some time is gone. There is a history of kidney issues in the family so this is a stone I will continue to work with!

I encourage you to seek out African Turquoise Jasper if the qualities of this stone seem like something that you might like to work with. Keep in mind that I am not a doctor and am not in any way suggesting you give up allopathic medicine. I am only suggesting other options that may enhance your physical and spiritual healing process.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


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