Mom’s Lesson

My Mother transitioned at 3:50 am on December 17, 2017 after a fight with several health issues wrestling to see which would take her home first. She was a complicated woman. Most people would say that she was nice, and she was a nice woman, but she was also sad, angry, and distant. She didn’t let many people in. That included her husband and children. Mom rarely talked about her childhood, her dreams, and certainly not her feelings.

We are all here to learn. To know what it is like to be the in control and then to be the one controlled. We take turns being the good guy, the bad guy, the indifferent one and the total narcissist. I don’t know whether she learned the lessons that she came here to experience, but I do know what her numerology chart told me and that explains a lot.

Mom was a very smart, very creative person. She spent her life being what everyone expected her to be. Following a path forced on her rather than walking the one she so desperately wanted. I find this interesting because she had a very strong number one presence in her chart, yet she never found her voice or embraced her personal power.

After doing Mom’s numerology chart I see the deep desire she felt to walk her own path. I can also see that her life path number was a six and that her inclusion table has no two’s. Six teaches us about relationships. They are complex and take a lot of work. As a life path six tells you that relationships are going to be a challenge. Her inclusion table showed me that across her lifetimes she didn’t have much experience with relationships and to learn, you have to live them. When combined with a lack of the number two you have created a recipe for becoming a door matt.

It was my decision to go to college that opened the opportunity for a relationship with my Mom. You see, it was her dream to go to college, and a dream that was lost because her parents turned down a full scholarship offered to her. She learned of this lost opportunity years later and it broke her heart. She never did talk about her childhood or express her inner feelings much but I discovered her sense of humor. She was so funny and her creative ability was amazing. I also discovered her love of traveling. We went on a couple of road trips together and I will cherish those memories. I learned that we were very much alike and very opposite at the same time.

The most valuable lesson I learned from Mom is that you have to set boundaries. You have to learn to put your needs first, and say no when you mean no. Without boundaries you give control of your life over to someone else. You can’t be afraid that finding your voice and speaking your truth will make someone mad. If it does, that is their problem not yours. Life can’t be enjoyed when you are constantly putting your feelings, and your dreams aside. If people can’t love you enough to respect your choices and needs then they probably don’t need to be in your life. And that is a very good lesson to learn! ❤ I Love You Mom ❤

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


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