Today’s Daily Draw

We could be feeling a fresh wave of excitement and energy today as the Ace of Fire comes into our view. This is a card full of promise. With it comes the opportunity for a fresh start in some area of our lives. The Ace talks to us about transformation, inspiration, and making decisions that will affect our future. The symbolism on the card is full of energy and passion. The flaming arrow rises out of a blazing fire to tell us about a new idea or renewed passion. We will feel this energy like electricity and it is great! The colors speak to us of confidence, excitement and a drive to succeed. The sun shining bright is a promise of success for any seed we plant today. One thing we need to keep in mind is brought to our attention by the mountains directly behind the arrow. These let us know that there may not be immediate results. We will have work to do. There will be barriers to overcome to get to our goal, but that is a part of life. We need to make the decision to be in for the long haul, have a plan, stay focused and get started. Keep the inspiration and excitement burning!

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s number energy could not be more perfect. We have a 22/4 day and this the Master Builder. This number is called the architect of peace and it is about building a new stronger future. This is a very intense energy with a drive to get going. So, what are we waiting for!

Today’s Crystals

There are days when I can’t decide which one so I use them all. Why not, right!! I chose Flourite for its ability  to help stay focused. Celestite to lift us up and help us go with the flow of our inspiration and passions. Citrine for a creative spark and promise of success. Amethyst to open our intuition. Moonstone to help us build our future and Labradorite to help us through the transition. I could have added Aventurine to bring to us anything we need to complete whatever we are focusing on and Carnelian for its ability to keep us motivated, but I didn’t want to retake the picture. 🙂


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