Nuumite In The Morning Light

About a week ago I was doing some research and a mineral called Nuumite was mentioned in passing. I had never heard of it and Googled it to see what it was. A few days later I was at my local metaphysical store to get some incense. Whenever I’m there I have to look at the crystals!! This store is nice but generally doesn’t have a huge selection and it has an even smaller inventory of rare pieces. Well guess what they had in stock? Yup, four pieces of Nuumite so of course I bought one!! I Love Synchronicity ❤

Having never heard of this mineral I did some research to find out what it’s energy is about. I discovered that like Moldavite, Nuumite is rare and considered to be the oldest mineral on our planet. I have two separate discovery dates. Both were in the Western area of Greenland called Nuuk. The earliest discovery date is 1810 by mineralogist K. L. Giesecke, the second was in 1980. No name was given for the 1980 discovery so I don’t necessarily trust that fact. Nuumite is black with specks of color that flash in gold, yellow, green, red, orange, blue or purple. Gold seems to be the most common. The piece I bought isn’t real big, only about an inch long and it weighs almost an ounce so it’s a pretty dense mineral. The explanation for this is that is was formed by volcanos.

I’ve only just begun to work with this crystal so the information I have is more from research than practical experience, but I have to say that this is probably not for anyone just beginning to work with crystals. Nuumite has a very powerful elemental energy. The first time I picked it up in the shop I felt a wave of energy blast through me that gave me head spins. It was an intense and delightful feeling at the same time.

Nuumite is known as a Sorcerers Stone. It is said that working with it strengthens your personal power, awakens your inner magick. It increases instances of synchronicity and good luck. It also strengthens clairvoyance and intuition. I have not meditated with it yet but from the experiences I’ve read meditating with nuumite sends you on a deep journey within that opens your awareness to see what lies beneath the veil we show the world. This might be an interesting part of a new moon ritual for clearing and healing the negative aspects of ourselves. It is also a prime example of why those who are beginners should not work with this stone. Anyone not emotionally or spiritually prepared to come face to face with what you might find could do a lot of personal damage. That would be awful.  I have slept with it and had a good experience. Falling asleep is not an issue with me. I am out in less than a minute. Staying asleep is my problem. My guides work with me at night and it usually wakes me up, but both nights I slept with the stone I was able to sleep clear through the night. I had some interesting lucid dreams too. Last night I had a guide recite a blog post to me that I need to get down on paper.

Some of the other characteristics of this stone are:

  •  removing energy blockages
  • it has a calming effect
  • clears the aura
  • aligns the subtle bodies
  • gives you energy
  • opens and clears the heart chakra

I can speak to the energizing ability of  Nuumite. The other day I was feeling pretty run down, nauseous and super tired. I took my stone and placed it in the center of my forehead and immediately felt energy rush to my feet and back up several times. When I removed the stone I was not nauseous or tired anymore. The stone pulled the negativity down for transmutation and replaced it with fresh earth energy. That was pretty amazing!

My research has shown many areas of physical healing that nuumite assists with. Some of these are:

  • fighting infections
  • improving kidney function
  • improving eyesight
  • helps with tissue regeneration
  • helps you sleep

I look forward to working with this crystal more to discover how it can help me heal and grow.

Now I have come to the point where I must give you my extremely exciting disclaimer. Although I talk about the spiritual and physical healing qualities of crystals in these posts, I am not a doctor. As hard as it is for me to say; I am not suggesting that anyone abandon allopathic medicine. I only suggest the possibility of other methods to enhance treatment options and grow spiritually.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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