Black Moonstone in the Morning Light

Moonstone is a member of the Feldspar family of crystals, and like the Quartz family the various colors hold an energy base of characteristics. Some of these include increasing intuitive abilities, balancing emotions and hormones, strengthening our connection to Goddess energy and helping return to the rhythm of life.

This crystal is found in several countries like Australia, India, Madagascar and the United States. It is mostly translucent, but some pieces can have areas that are clearer. All have the feldspar shimmer but in some varieties the shimmer is less evident. This particular piece is called Black Moonstone. In reality it is more of a dark grey and if held just right it appears silver. Its shimmer is a beautiful blue that can’t be seen because it’s not sunny today. In the lighter shades of grey this crystal helps us understand alternate realities, connect to our angels, guides, and helps us focus on our life path.

Black Moonstone is a great choice for working with the New Moon. The energy is about beginnings. New projects, new ideas, new relationships and new intentions. Working with Black Moonstone at the New Moon will help you break through old thought patterns and beliefs that really need to go, then help set intentions to move forward. All moonstone has a strong protective quality but this color also has a grounding effect that other colors do not have. It also enhances creative ability making it a great choice, in any color, for people working in a creative field.

For healing moonstone works well with the Heart Chakra to open and accept love. It has a nurturing and calming effect that helps you release stress. Lighter colors help balance women’s hormones and can help aid in getting pregnant.

If this crystals energy sounds like something you would like to work with I invite you to go to your local metaphysical store and check it out. This brings me to my disclaimer where I let you know that I am not a doctor and am not suggesting you leave allopathic medicine. I am only offering alternate possibilities for health and personal growth.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


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