Where To Go From Here

I have been away from my blog for quite some time. Originally I took a break to take some classes. Then my Mother got ill and the greater part of last year was spent caring for her, helping her transition. During this period I really didn’t do any writing or posting beyond my Today’s Daily Draw each morning. Now that I am back I am giving some though to the direction this blog is going take. First and foremost whatever I do needs to be something I enjoy and consider fun. At the same time I want you, my readers, to enjoy it as well. When this blog stops being fun it will be time to quit.

I really like doing the Tarot post so I will continue doing them. The only thing I am going to change is when I post it. My idea is to try (key word TRY) to post the draw in the evenings before I go to bed. Many of the people who read it everyday are in England and Europe, so posting earlier in their day might be nice for them. I live in the central US. By the time I post in the morning here it’s well into the day there. I hope that is something people will like.

Iv’e given some thought to doing more tarot related posts but at this point it’s just a thought that needs to be more fleshed out. My idea is to take a question submitted by a reader and do a reading for them as a blog post. I would not include the person’s name unless they agreed to be open about it. I could even incorporate the same idea into a numerology reading. An interesting thought.

I have considered doing more “How To” posts. My Smudging 101 post from 2015 is one of my most viewed every week. Taking that idea a step further makes me look at my Friday crystal posts. Last Friday’s was about Shiva Lingam. I was thinking of doing posts focused on how to incorporate the use of crystal into everyday life. There are many people interested in crystals but just don’t understand how to use them. Again, an interesting thought.

I like doing the inspirational pictures, so I will keep doing them on Wednesdays. This means getting out and taking more pictures. I think I can deal with that! 🙂 A couple other ideas I’ve had is to do more posts about The Sabbats and Esbats. Some might find it interesting. I’d also thought about getting back to doing live videos and posting them here. I was doing them weekly on my Element Facebook page. It was fun and I really need more fun!!

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon



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