Shiva Lingam in the Morning Light

To the Hindu, Shiva Lingam are sacred. This stone is only found in the Narmada River which is one of the seven sacred sites in India. During the dry season the stones are carefully taken out of the riverbed and hand polished according to Vedic traditions. Each is entirely unique in its banding. Although most stones are found in shades of reddish brown and tan, some can be found that are black. These are particularly sacred. I am on the lookout but haven’t found one yet.

The egg shape of the stone is naturally formed in the river and is considered a phallic symbol for the God Shiva. These sacred stones are used for worship in temples and small shrines as well as more personal use. The word Lingam is taken from the Sanskrit word Linga which means symbol, so the stone is Shiva’s Symbol. One of the characteristics of the Shiva Lingam is that it balances the male female energy, so Kali is not left out of the picture.

One of the interesting things about the Shiva Lingam is that it holds the energy of all the elements. This makes sense as the stone is though of as the cosmic egg. It holds both male and female energy and from this energy everything was created.

Some of the spiritual and energetic characteristics of the Shiva Lingam are:

  • Strengthen your connection to Shiva and Kali
  • They boost energy and strength
  • The energy intensifies inner transformation
  • Breaks through old patterns to make space for new ideas and growth
  • Charges all the Chakras
  • Helps ground you to this lifetime

Another really awesome thing about the Shiva Lingam is that if you put a small stone under your pillow you will have the most amazing dreams! Now if you are prone to nightmares I wouldn’t suggest you try this though. The dreams can be incredibly lucid.

The Shiva lingam is a unique and beautiful stone with equally beautiful energy. If working with it sounds interesting I suggest you give it a try. We have arrived at that point in the post where I must give my disclaimer, so here it is. Although I talk about the spiritual and physical healing qualities of crystals in these posts, I am not a doctor. As hard as it is for me to say, I am not suggesting that anyone abandon allopathic medicine. I am only suggesting that there are other possibilities that can enhance treatment options.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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