Optical Calcite In The Morning Light

The crystal posts are back today with Optical Calcite. This is an interesting crystal. It grows naturally in these cool parallelograms, and its energy gets your whole body vibrating when you pick it up. This clear form of calcite was found first in Iceland and was called Iceland Spar. Some of the other places it’s found are in Mexico, Brazil and the United States. The light refraction of this crystal was studied by several early scientists like Isaac Newton. Another interesting fact about this crystal is that during WW2 Optical Calcite was used for the sighting equipment big guns.

This form of calcite clears attachments and will activate all the chakras. It helps give us clarity to see things from a new perspective and focus our efforts on achieving a goal. Optical Calcite has characteristics of Clear Quartz in that it amplifies positive energy, clears negative energy and emotions as well as fear-based emotion. Putting a piece in a room will clear any stagnant negative energy in the space and bring in lighter good energy. This crystal is also unique in that it can be programmed like clear quartz.

On the physical level this crystal works to help our bones and joints. I can tell you from my personal experience it’s great. I have been working with my piece because I’ve had a problem with my right knee. I have some emotion stuck there and it’s been causing some pretty good pain. This form of calcite also works to balance the calcium in our bodies and helps it to absorb vitamins and mineral.

We have reached the point where I must say I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose or prescribe any healing possibility. I am not suggesting anyone turn away from allopathic medicine and all the happy stuff that goes with it. By sharing the healing aspect of crystals, I offer information about alternate possibilities that can perhaps work in conjunction with your doctor’s advice.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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