Today’s Daily Draw

In a more traditional deck today’s card is the Queen of Pentacles. In this deck she is our Earth Mother. They are basically the same, both calm, loving, nurturing and practical ladies. Mother of Earth is seen here holding a child and keeping him safe and warm in a blanket. Around our Earth Mother is the evidence of health and abundance. Behind her is a beautiful large tree, at her feet a clay pot with a turtle in the decoration which is Native American symbol for good health and long life. Next to that is a few ears of corn which is the symbol of sustenance for many tribes. The message our card brings for today is to find a balance between our work and home lives. We should be resourceful and find simple and practical solutions to any issues. And, we should listen to our bodies. Fatigue and pain are indicators that there is something wrong. Are we working long hours and not getting enough rest? Are we not eating healthy? Are we getting enough exercise, or perhaps working out too much? By caring for ourselves we are in a better position to care for those we love.

Today’s Universal Number

As we begin the month of February we have a seven day. This energy of insight and wisdom will help us take a look at our lives to find areas where we need to make changes and find more balance.

Today’s Crystals

I chose Sodalite and Rutilated Quartz for today. Sodalite is a great help when you need to think clearly and find some clarity. This will come in handy in several ways today. The Rutilated Quartz also has a few pieces of Black Tourmaline in it. I love this because the Rutilated aspect helps us get to the bottom of issues to find practical solutions, and it brings in light and joy. Then you have the tourmaline which is very protective making us feel safe and cared for.

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