Today’s Daily Draw

The suit of swords represents the element of air which is the realm of ideas, clarity, thought and communication. The card that came for us is the Page of Swords with him/her comes the possibility of a new opportunity. Our page could represent a person we might come into contact with, or it could also be us. The page is generally a tall person with dark or auburn hair and is quite possibly a little awkward. Being the beginning of the royal arcana he is trying to make his way in the world and is full of the ideas and the enthusiasm of youth.

This enthusiasm can be contagious because with our page comes the possibility of a new idea or project. The kicker is that it might come in the disguise of a challenge or a problem. Don’t let this stop you, it’s simply a test of how committed you are. If this is something that you can be excited and passionate about then go for it and get started. Do the research, ask the important questions, make a plan and don’t quit. This could be the beginning of something good.

There is a possibility that this project could be a work related thing, in which case doing the research and planning is important but equally important is the sharing of ideas with everyone else. Communication in a team is important so be honest, be fair and give credit where it is due. This way everyone wins.

Today’s Universal Number

We end the month with a nine energy. An open door to new possibilities. Today we might be focused on finishing up any loose ends and getting ready for what is coming to us. Nine is also about the big picture and doing the right thing. Let this energy guide you today to doing what is good and right for you and others.

Today’s Crystals

Tree Agate is the choice of today and this crystal will help us stay grounded and focused as we move through the day. The energy of this particular form of agate is about working through changes and stages of life and it is also known as a stone of abundance.

Thankyou BJ for today’s guest reading!
He is a private person so if you would like to contact him
let me know and I will put you in touch.

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