Today’s Daily Draw

Moving on after a loss of any kind isn’t easy. Emotions like regret, shame, blame, anger, and love can keep us locked in that moment of loss for a long time. But, it’s not healthy to live there. Shutting out everything and everyone else that matters to us isn’t either. At some point we have to accept the loss and decide that living is better than crying over the past. The Reversed Five of Cups came with the message that it is time to begin moving on. It’s a process that could take time. Working through the emotions that are keeping us locked in the past won’t happen over night because it isn’t easy. Easy would be to stuff them down into a dark corner and pretend they aren’t there, but that is a temporary solution that will come back and cause problems later. Take those first steps today. Forgive what needs to be forgiven, even if it is yourself. Recognise that as bad as the experience might have been there was value in it. See the lessons and blessing it gave you. After any kind of loss nothing will ever be the same. All we can do is find our new normal and keep going.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s universal energy is a four and is perfect for today. Moving forward requires and foundation to build on that allows us to find our way and the four energy is all about building a solid foundation. So, decide what will make you happy and start making the plans that will get you there!

Today’s Crystals

Amethyst is the crystal choice today. It’s energy helps us tune into our intuition, it helps us work through emotion and open up our creative process. Just what we need today!

Thankyou BJ for today’s guest reading!
He is a private person so if you would like to contact him
let me know and I will put you in touch.

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