Today’s Daily Draw

Anyone that has watched a Squirrel run around your yard looking for the perfect place to hide a seed or a nut knows that this animal is about being prepared, but there is more to this little guy. Part of the message our squirrel brings is that perhaps it is a good time to look at practical things. Are there any repairs that need to be done around the home, Do we have enough insurance, how does the budget look, Is it time for an oil change? It’s always good to look to the future and to prepare for what is coming, but the reality is the squirrel only finds 10% of what he hides. This tells us that there is a point of being over prepared. We can get so focused on working toward a goal that we forget to live right here right now. The key is balance and our squirrel has it. Yes he is a little manic about saving for the future but he also knows how to have a good time. Yes, he does, and it’s the chasing game. They love to that game. So how does this break down for us today. Well, the message is yes, be prepared. Work to get where we want to be but don’t be so over focused that we forget to enjoy the people and the life we worked hard to have right now.

Today’s Universal Number

The energy we have today is eight and it’s perfect because this powerful energy is about balance and control. Eight like things in order and it likes to be the master of everything. This number has the drive to do better and be better but at the same time to find thep eace that balance brings.

Today’s Crystals

The first crystal that came to mind when our card came up is Sodalite. This crystal is known as the thinkers stone. It opens our intuition, helps to release fear and negative energy to bring harmony and balance to our lives.

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