2018 A Look At The Numbers

For those who know me well or have been following my blog for a while, you know that Numerology is one the passions of my life. We are at the edge of another year lived and it’s time to look ahead to what 2018 might have in store for us in its numbers. When you stop to think about it. Every year is about growth and change in one way or another. It’s the point of being here isn’t it? 2017 was a One year, the focus being on new beginnings. The tricky thing is a new beginning generally means something is ending and that can be a bit rough coming off of 2016’s Nine year. So, that being said, we’ve had two years of some huge and possibly very emotional changes and I, for one, could use a rest!

So, let’s have a look at 2018 from a universal point of view. Universal meaning that the information is for us all. It is possible to break the numbers down to a personal year, month and day but for this post the numbers and their potential are for everyone. I also want to let you all know that in personal numerology charts I use two forms of numerology, the Pythagorean form and the Kabbalah from the Hebrew. For this chart I use only the Pythagorean form. Let’s Begin!

Year 2018
Before we get into the individual months lets take a look at the universal year. 2018 is special in that it is a Master Number year. The year reduces to 11/2 and this is pretty awesome. Where seven is the gate, eleven is the door to higher consciousness. The energy of 11/2 has both the qualities of the masculine one and the feminine two making it balanced. It is strong and nurturing, driven and intuitive. This number seeks peace, balance and a more spiritual outlook. So what does this mean for us? It means there is a potential to find a balance in our lives that perhaps we have never had before making it possible to move forward in areas of our lives that to date we have only day dreamed might be possible.

January 3
Beginning a brand new year with a three month is pretty cool. The energy of the three is happy, joyful, creative and optimistic. This is the way a new adventure should begin. That doesn’t mean we should go blindly or naively forward hoping for the best. Heck no, take your time this month and create a plan. Gather the people you might need and make sure the details are set. Then when you’re ready get going!

February 4
This is the month we begin to build. Setting our plan in motion and making sure that it ‘s solid. The number four is about creating a strong foundation. It’s structure, order and the systems we need to get moving and keep moving reliably.

March 5
I am an earth sigh so I like order, peace and structure. I am a bit stubborn and don’t like surprises but I love the energy of this number. The number five is about change. This month things could change dramatically so be prepared. It doesn’t necessarily mean a negative change. It may be amazing, just be prepared either way. Be flexible and have a plan ready to implement quickly. Five is also very much about experiencing all that life has to offer so don’t forget to have a good time.

April 6
The number six is about relationships, love, and truth. Personal and business relationships may be highlighted this month but don’t forget about yourself in the process. If you need a break, take some self love time. If we don’t love ourselves first, we have nothing to offer anyone else.

May 7
Seven is the gate that takes us from the day-to-day to a search for truth, insight and wisdom. This month we might want to take a step back and see how everything is going. Do we need more information? Do we need to make changes in our personal or professional lives? Are we still on our path? Is the goal we are working toward still what we want?

June 8
Think of eight as a grown up four. Where the four likes order and structure eight is even more so. Eight is about balance and the rule of law. This is a high energy number and this month there could be a great deal going on and getting accomplished.

July 9
The number nine takes us into a couple of directions. It is the number of transition so we need to check the details and finish up anything that needs to be done. Nine is also a return to love and focuses on forgiveness, tolerance and brotherly love. Have we stepped on any toes and need to make something right again?

August 1
August brings us a new beginning. It could be a new job, a new project or relationship. The energy of the number one is bold and courageous. So go ahead and put yourself out there!

September 11/2
This could be an amazing month! We have an 11/2 month in an 11/2 year, we could discover a great deal about ourselves and our potential.

October 3
The year is beginning to wind down and we come to another three month. Coming off a high energy month we may be in a very good place to find a fun new projects or a creative way to approach an old issue.

November 22/4
This number, 22/4, is the Master Builder. It combines the energy of the two and the four and is all about taking what doesn’t work and rebuilding it into something better. It is about communication, peace and cooperation on a level that we don’t often see. There could be some major changes for the better this month.

December 5
And the year comes to a close with a five month. Coming off the energy of the 22/4 in November we might find ourselves working to get things back into place. Remember to be flexible, be open and don’t forget to have some fun.

That is a quick run down of what 2018 has in store for us. I hope that it is full of amazing times for us all. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon





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