Today’s Daily Draw

I love this card. Maintain Your Childlike Spirit reminds us that life is magickal. Children are so open to life and love. They trust completely, and find joy everywhere. No matter what is going on today, keep your spirit open to life and love. Find the joy and the adventure of this journey and don’t let go! It’s that joy and openness that fills us with the desire to keep discovering what is around the next curve. Lets go find out!

Today’s Universal Number

We arrived at another transition day. Nine brings and ending and a beginning. Finish anything that is left to be completed. Stay open to life and love. Be open for what is coming next.

Today’s Crystals

The window piece is made with Carnelian, Aventurine and Citrine. Aventurine works with the Heart Chakra, Citrine works with the Solar Plexus and carnelian works well with both the Root and Sacral Chakras. Keeping these open helps us stay receptive to love, creativity and the wonder for life that children hold.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Daily Draw

  1. Hey soulllllllllllll sister!!!…
    Been way to long without speaking with you…I want to know how you and your mom are doing and any changes???…You holding up gurl???…
    I miss our talks and I will be back on here after the guys get back from town and I have to pay the few bills left for this month…what a damn month this has been…we are all about fried…every emotion down to our last dollar or cents lol true…since I have been last on here so much crazy has been going on…YES WE NEED TO CATCH UP ON HERE…LOL…miss ya sunshine gurl …so when I get done I will hit you up on here…wish us luck…and prayers for you all…
    Hugggggs n love to you all…


      1. Sorry I missed you sis…
        I just don’t get on Facebook much or damn hardly any more…better half still be using my phone lol and posting under my name at times lol…but I haven’t posted in a long time…I will tell you about somethings or reason why and what has been going on another time…you have more important things to deal with… I believe I still have skype to chatt on lol no cam or anything but at least it would be private …
        Just sending out warm and healthy and love to you sis…


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