PrinceRogersNelson was not addicted to opiates. Prince did not overdose… Prince was murdered 4 money, music rights and what he knew and about who… it is still an OpenCase!!! Being “investigated” (more like suppressed) by the CarverCountySheriffsDept and the FBI. The autopsy Does Not Support the False Overdose theory… the autopsy not only supports murder but absolutely suggests Murder as the Only possibility and the world is being LiedToo… I’m committing 12 hours of my time both 2Day and tomorrow on FB Live to discuss and reveal the true facts in this case… I’ll be taking calls and inviting guests… and drinking lots of coffee😳during this time. We are asking 4 intervention from the President and we are asking that the most reputable toxicologist in the US, Dr Kevin Merigian be asked to consult on this case and to review the autopsy findings and give us his professional opinion. The cause of death is still pending and the case is still open because the autopsy does not support overdose.
I hope u will join me… we need as many people as possible to contact, aka bug the heck out of the President and ask him to intervene… the truth is right in front of our faces, but is being suppressed by corrupt news and powerful people. Follow the money… WBros is making millions of dead Prince and his sister Tyka and others have received their “parachutes” aka lip sealing deals… but it’s not over, just like God told me there would be Justice4 LorenzenWright… ThereWillBeJustice4Prince
Look out Tyka… Ray, Juelle, Kirk, Sheila, Judith and the rest of U lying rats.. u will All be wearing orange like Sherra. I guess orange is the color 4 the ChristmasSeason…. orange=sweet truth and justice💜 and 4 Prince it’s coming Soon. CU here at 3:30 pm PST AllLove and MerryChristmas. Abigail Noel on Facebook Live  www.justice4prince.com 

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