Life has no accidents, everything happens as it should, when it should. Whether we like or understand it at the time doesn’t matter. What is meant to be, will be when we are ready for it. That is the journey, isn’t it? Life is about taking steps. We learn, grow, then take a step. The process continues to repeat until we are ready for the next step that lifts us up and further down our path.

The journey from where we are to where we end up is not easy, and it isn’t meant to be. The challenges we face show us that we are so much more than we think we are. Yes we’re broken, everyone is. We’re all doing our best to grow and heal so we can take the step that leads us home again.

We need to stop hating ourselves for those things we see as failure or imperfection. It’s in our imperfections, our brokenness that we discover how we are unique. Our potential is ours alone and not meant for anyone else. So why do we measure our worth based on a comparison to anyone else? All this does is cause pain, anger, shame, resentment and more. How can that possibly help us?

Not everyone hurts us on purpose. The people who come in and out of our lives are there to teach us something. Some stay, some we can’t get rid of fast enough. Others, we wish would stay, but they don’t. We don’t remember the why behind someone’s time in our lives. This is a realization that comes later after the lesson is learned.

Our brokenness should be embraced, everything we see as a fault is a seed of healing that waits to flower. With each flower we become a little closer to the person we are meant to be. We fix what we can and as we heal we grow stronger, more confident, and our dreams closer.

The thing is to take the next step and keep taking it no matter what. Sure, we get tired and frustrated. Some days we just want to scream and quit, but that won’t get us anywhere will it? No matter what we have to keep going. We never know, the next step might take us where we want to go.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon



2 thoughts on “Steps

  1. I’ve found this so hard at times especially when it seems I’ve repeated the same ‘mistakes’ as before. It’s hard to get out of the mentality of hating yourself or blaming yourself but your post is such an important one and speaks the truth. I also really needed to read this today, thank you ❤ 🙂

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    1. I am so glad the post was helpful for you. Sometimes we don’t get the lesson the first time around or the second or the 10th. Fortunately we do get it in time and it’s always just when we need to the most. Don’t ever kick yourself or blame yourself for not being like someone else. All we can be is our unique self and that’s pretty awesome!

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