Sodalite In The Morning Light


Sodalite is one of my favorite crystals. It’s a beautiful royal blue with white veins, and gets its name from the sodium content in the mineral. It’s not uncommon to find pieces with different shades of blue in them. Some pieces can be found that have inclusions of other colors like yellow, purple, and orange. Locations that sodalite can be found are Canada, Greenland and Italy. It was actually found in Greenland first in 1806 then later in Canada. From what I understand the prettiest Sodalite can be found in the Mt. Vesuvius area of Italy.

This crystal is called the thinkers stone because it’s focus is on expanding our mind so we think clearly and logically which helps us find truth. Being blue this crystal also works with the throat chakra to help us communicate clearly from a place of love. When I first started working with sodalite, it was for its ability to help me open my psychic connection to my guides and home. This crystal also helps us overcome fear of these abilities. We grow up being told that any kind of psychic ability is abnormal and that anyone connected is not to be taken seriously. This just isn’t so, we were born with a connection to home that gets lost or forgotten as we grow hearing that it’s not real. Sodalite will help us clear this doubt, negativity, and encourage us to be confident.

Sodalite is a great crystal to work with for meditation. This crystal helps us settle into a meditation practice. Anyone that meditates knows how difficult it can be at first, This beauty can help with that 🙂 Physically sodalite works to balance the pituitary gland and the lymphatic system to help keep our bodies healthy.

We have once more reached the point where I must give my standard disclaimer. I am not a doctor and am not suggesting anyone turn away from allopathic medicine and all their associated bull. I only offer information and perhaps alternate possibilities. If you think this is a crystal that you would like to work with, I invite you to give it a try.

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