Sapphire In The Morning Light

The Sapphire is a very hard crystal that can be found in several colors like pink, green, yellow, clear and blue. Blue is the most well known color of this crystal. Some shades of blue are so deep that the stone appears black.  Sapphires are mined in several countries. Some of these locations are Afghanistan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

Sapphires work well with the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras to give us clarity, open up our intuition, allow us to express ourselves well which improves communication. It helps us to connect with our guides to gain wisdom. Meditating with a sapphire helps us find peace, and hope.

On the physical level this crystal is a powerhouse that almost rivals Clear Quartz. This crystal will help headaches and migraines, hearing and vision issues as well as several other areas. This information brings us to my standard disclaimer. I am not a doctor and am not suggesting anyone turn away from allopathic medicine and all their associated bull. I only offer information and perhaps alternate possibilities. If you think this is a crystal that you would like to work with, I invite you to give it a try.

Comments are always appreciated

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