Iolite In The Morning Light

Iolite, sometimes called Water Sapphire, is a beautiful translucent blue that can display flashes of yellow, blue and grey in certain types of light. For those of us that aren’t geologists this effect is called pleochroism. Iolite is a pretty hard stone and is mined in Canada, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and a couple of other places.

Iolite is an excellent third eye crystal. The energy opens and energizes our intuition and helps grow psychic connections. For those that are new to a spiritual path Iolite helps guide people to a new level of knowledge and understanding. It balances our male and female sides to bring us to a place of harmony.

I’ve been going through an emotional family time and have been working with this crystal because of its calming aspect. Iolite helps you move through periods of change more easily and enjoy each moment.

Iolites calming ability also lends it to relieving headaches and migraines. Putting a piece under your pillow will help with insomnia.

We are now at the point the point of this post where I must give you my usual disclaimer. So here it is, I am not a doctor and am not suggesting anyone turn away from allopathic medicine and all their associated bull. I only offer information and perhaps alternate possibilities.

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