Pudding Stone in the Morning Light

Pudding Stone is interesting. It was a creation of the ice age. As the glacial ice moved down from the north, rock and sediment were pushed together. The ice pressing down for hundreds of years eventually formed this unusual conglomerate. Most Pudding Stone is made of Quartz and Jasper and can be found in many combinations.

This is not a crystal family that can be found just anywhere. In the United States Pudding Stone can be found from Northern Michigan east to the Hudson valley area and as far south as Kentucky. This type of stone can also be found in Hertfordshire England area. The samples in the picture were found in Northern Michigan. The light-colored stone is called Drummond Island Pudding Stone. The black stone is found around Lake Huron.

The energy of this stone works well with the root chakra and is fabulous for binding people together. Place a stone in your home where people gather and let the loving energy keep relationships strong. Pudding Stone is also used to relieve stress, depression and bring a feeling of peace. If you keep a stone by your bed it will help you remember dreams.

We have arrived at the point where I must give you my standard disclaimer. I must remind you my fabulous readers that I am not a doctor and am not suggesting anyone turn away from allopathic medicine and all their associated bull. I only offer information and perhaps alternate possibilities.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon



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