Love Is All

I’ve been getting a consistent message lately when talking to my team back home. It doesn’t matter who I am talking to, Mama, Papa, Yeshua, Prince, Archangel Michael or any of my guides. The message is the same.

Love Is All 

Why is it, when all we have to do is love, we seem to mess it up so many times? It should be so simple. Why do we complicate it? Of course, we say we love our families, friends, maybe a neighbor or co-worker. What about people who don’t look, act, or believe what we do. Do we love them, if not then do we truly love?

Love has no pick and choose option

When love is the directive how do we learn to love? Our parents are our first teachers. We learn what we live, so if our parents are broken, we will most likely grow up broken as well. Making our ability to give and receive love difficult.

Our journey takes many lifetimes because we have much to learn, love has many layers. When looking at Pythagorean Numerology we can see the path and understand why one lifetime is not enough to fully get it. Within this system love has four steps: three, six, nine, and twelve. The first two numbers deal with aspects on the physical level, nine and twelve take us higher.

Love that is real has many characteristics we must understand in order to reach the end of the path, which is 12, the perfection of love. We must learn that it is, and must be, unconditional. There are no strings attached. A love that has any expectation of behavior or some kind of return is not love at all. Love doesn’t judge or place blame. Love doesn’t lie or make people feel guilty. Love is kind. Sometimes it hurts, but it’s always kind.

“Kindness is made light when Love is present.” 
Mother Mary  

Have you ever noticed that children instinctively love? They have no barriers to giving or receiving this gift. As we grow we are surrounded by so much that is not love that we forget and must set out to remember what we already knew.


Everything is a product of the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine. Love is the first thing born of their union. It’s as necessary as breathing, and integral to who we are. In order to love anyone, we need to love ourselves first. This is the lesson three teaches us. The energy of this number is joyful, expressive, creative and optimistic. We learn to laugh at ourselves, to accept that we are capable of and worth being loved even though we have faults. We learn not to take life too seriously, to express our feelings, to speak our truth, and stay in the moment. Three is creative so we learn to think and act for ourselves.

Self Love comes slowly because it comes with lessons that can be painful. Yes we are learning to be happy, but happiness comes with accepting that it’s alright to be different. We don’t have to be like anyone else. When we are willing to feel the pain of comparison, judgment or shame and take responsibility for those negative emotions we can grow beyond them. With self love come the understanding that we are all different and the same. We are more than flesh and blood. We are a part of all that is, we are all one.


Six is probably the most complicated to get a handle on because we are learning how relationships work. So many things get in the way of how people interact. Emotions like comparison, judgment, shame, guilt, and resentment are complications but so are blame, jealousy, and insecurity. All are barriers to healthy loving relationships.

This number gives us the tools to overcome these barriers by teaching us forgiveness, tenderness, compassion, devotion, loyalty, responsibility and honesty. We learn that to maintain any relationship we must work at it, nurture it and be honest.

This energy not only builds relationships, it builds communities 

Where the spiritual aspect of the number three teaches us that we are a part of something bigger, the spiritual part of the number six teaches us that as a part of this bigger energy, everyone is love and part of the same family. We learn to let go of judgment and comparison by recognizing how divisive these emotions are. When we rise above them, we grow.

The numbers three and six focus on the lessons that must be learned on a personal and physical level. When we learn to love ourselves and others we mature spiritually and move onto the higher vibration of the spiritual lessons that nine and twelve have to teach us.


By the time we reach the lessons that nine has for us we have a pretty good idea of who we are, where we are headed, and we have a good idea of how healthy relationships work. We might still make mistakes and mess things up occasionally but life isn’t meant to be neat or easy.

When we reach this level, we take what we learned about relationships and bump it up a notch. We accept that although we are all different we truly are the same. By reaching that understanding we become tolerant of the differences between us and reach a place of brotherly love. Nine is also about compassion, forgiveness and appreciation. We learn to lose the drama, forgive ourselves, others, and let it go rather than hold a grudge. We stay more focused on love.

Love can heal the planet 

Love at this level sees a bigger picture. It sees the pain of the world, how hard it can be and wants to make it better. We desire to leave the world a nicer place than how we found it.


Along the journey we learn to love ourselves. We learned to reach an understanding that everyone is equal and deserving of love. All the work done, the lessons learned bring us back to the beginning. To twelve which is the perfection of love. Perfection because as we grow through the different levels of love we grow closer to its source and find ourselves in union with the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine. Love is Father and Mother Gods nature. In this state of perfect love we have let go of hate, judgement, comparison, greed, shame, jealousy and all other negative emotions that separate us from the perfection of love.

We Are Love and Love Is All That Matters

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon














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