Get Up!

It doesn’t matter how often you are knocked to the ground.
It doesn’t matter how tired you are.
Get Up!
If you can’t get up, crawl.
Keep Going, Keep Trying, Keep Believing.
Don’t quit.
Because quitting is

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

2 thoughts on “Get Up!

  1. Hey sister…
    I so love this saying…
    well woke up and been up since 3am due to well I am having a huge fibro/lupus flare… such pain that I am almost in tears gurl… I have tried breathing and focus but not helping…I am still up and haven’t laid down at all… and loosing my doctors from Dallas and not getting my records I don’t know where to start… and I have pain medication but as per usual it doesn’t help… I have always been like this with pain meds not working since they say I was a baby n sick…so I am crawling or waddling very easy back n forth to and from the bathroom since its attacking my kidneys I guess…lol.. well I am here gurl…
    hugggs n love

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