Today’s Daily Draw

The Hierophant

Are we ready for some changes? The card that came up for us today is The Hierophant and with him comes the possibility of some change in our lives. Five is a number of movement, flexibility and expansion. Perhaps it’s time to spread our wings. This card has many things going on but the essence of it’s meaning is knowledge, communication and conformity. The Hierophant is a card whose focus is on institutions and group belief systems. The change that is being looked at may be asking us to examine what we believe and why. Is what we believe still valid for us? Information is coming that may alter what we thought to be true. It may also require conformity to the structure of an organization or a group. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Everyone wants to be around like minded people. This card is ruled by Taurus. A sign of grounding and responsibility. Maybe it is time to do a self check and explore other belief systems. If we are happy with where we are then maybe it’s time to commit more fully and get involved within the system. Perhaps take some classes that will give us a deeper more personal understanding of what we believe.

Today’s Universal Number

We have a three energy day and we are energized and ready to go! Three is bright, creative and happy, so find interesting and fun ways to get things done today. Think outside the box, do something new and different. Smile, laugh, yes there is stuff to get done but we can do it with a smile!

Today’s Crystals

I was going to choose Labradorite and Moonstone, they are my favorites for dealing with the changes that life can bring to us, but I decided to pick a couple of others because there are many wonderful choices out there. I picked Angelite and Prehnite to accompany our card. Angelite has a very soft energy but don’t think it’s a weak one. This crystal will help you open your mind to new possibilities and replace what is no longer needed with what is more valid for your life. Prehnite is an interesting crystal. I love it’s energy, it will help you focus your energy on finding your truth and follow your path.

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4 thoughts on “Today’s Daily Draw

  1. This is so strange. I usually do my own daily reading for myself which is different but often compliments your one (usually-still newish to it). But today I drew the Hierophant card too 😮 !!


      1. Yes, I’ve started to read tarot cards. Found myself fascinated by a particular set, just somehow attracted to the images, and it came with a booklet so I decided to get stuck in. I think being a Scorpio has something to do with that :). I’m afraid I’m not still very good at reading the cards just by eye. I’ve started to master some of the major arcana cards but not the minor ones at all and the hierophant and a few others I’m still confused on when I see them….I sound terrible at tarot now lol but I think it’s just a slow learning process. I try to get a feel for each card and meditate a little but your readings and the booklet still help more than my own intuition. I think I’m getting better though. Like I said ,slow progress but my actual readings of cards (the order they appear in when I draw them) often seems accurate for how things are feeling in my life. 🙂

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      2. Learning is a slow process. There are so many layers of potential meaning to each card and that is really just a starting point because the more confidence you gain with the cards your intuition may add another meaning.

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