Road Trip

Paisley Park

I had a bit of an adventure yesterday. I am a short (4 hour) drive from Minneapolis, and yesterday being Princes birthday, I left early and drove up to Chanhassen to see Paisley Park. I didn’t go in and take a tour or anything because I won’t until his killers get what’s coming to them. Just being there was pretty amazing. The energy of the city is wonderful. I understand why Prince loved it there.

The plan was originally to meet some friends, but they had travel issues and I wound up physically, but not spiritually, alone. Everything happens for a reason and I know I was meant to have the experience by myself. I understood that it was a test of my bravery, of whether or not I am willing to put myself out there, knowing the truth and speaking it. I am an observer, not a talker. I will almost never initiate a conversation. If someone says something to me, I will keep it short and hope that’s the end of the conversation. People that do not know me sometimes think I’m shy or conceited because I’m such a quiet person. As an observer, I’ve learned that what someone does speaks louder than what comes out of their mouth.

So did I pass my test? Yes and no. I spent quite a lot of time at the fence. While there I gave two women #Justice4Prince wristbands. One side has the hashtag and the other says We Will Not Be Silent. One of the ladies read it and asked what that meant. When I explained that he was murdered she about passed out. Her companion asked if I was psychic. I don’t like that word but said yes and we had a good long talk about the who and the how of his murder. I call this a test pass because for me to initiate a conversation and then speak about Princes murder with someone other than family or friends was huge for me.

My fail is that I didn’t make it to Peoples Organic. I was guided to go but didn’t make it because my phones map app quite working. I had very little to eat the day before and just a banana was all I had to that point in the day. I am pretty sure I got to the area where the restaurant was but I was so hungry I gave up and went to Perkins. I did leave a nice tip for the waitress though!

There were a couple of other places I would have liked to have gone before I had to leave for the drive back, and it would have been nice to meet up with the Purple Sisters so for me that is a fail as well. I am going to drive up again tomorrow so I will work to pass those tests then.

I had an awesome surprise when I got home. A week or so ago I ordered a deck of Tarot Cards from Stephanie, the author of the blog Fox on an Island. It’s a pretty cool blog I hope you check it out. I had been feeling an itch to get a new deck, and I know, do I really need seven decks? Well yes I guess so 🙂 the deck is beyond awesome ❤ She designed the them, had them made and the deck comes with a nice 90 page book. I can’t wait to start working with the deck!!

So all things considered, yesterday was a pretty great day. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


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