Life to Life


There are no accidents in the universe. Everyone in our lives is there because we planned it. Even the people we have a hard time getting on with are in our life because we asked them to be. When we come to a lifetime we set out on an unconscious mission to find the members of our tribe. We aren’t really sure what for, because we don’t remember, but we know we need to find them. They are pieces of ourselves and we won’t feel complete until we are together again.

We generally recognize our soul family right away because they seem familiar. We feel comfortable around them. It seems like we’ve known them forever. There is a level of awareness that we share with our tribe that isn’t there with other people. They get us and we get them.

We share the same values and beliefs. We are on the same mission. They have a place in our hearts. That is why it hurts when they leave. Separation is the hardest lesson to learn. We aren’t meant to be alone. Some people have a harder time dealing with it than others. We are all one energy, one family. Unity is the state we exist in at home. Love is all we know. Then we come here, to school.

Quite often the relationships we have carry over from life to life. We take turns playing different roles for each other that will allow each of us to learn the lessons we chose to work on. They grow with us as we learn and grow.

What about the people in our lives that we don’t get along with or straight up can’t stand? It might be a family member, a co-worker or some random person that does something to hurt us. It’s not random of course. That soul is probably someone very special to us at home. Only someone we trust and love deeply would choose to be put into a position of being disliked or hated in order to help us learn a lesson. It is possible that the people we don’t get along with are our clearest reflection and are here to teach us the most important lessons.

Some of the people in our lives are there because we have unfinished business. Karmically we owe them or they owe us. More often than not it is an unpleasant experience, but again, it’s a lesson learned.

So what is the point of this experience. Is there one ultimate lesson? Of course there is. The point is Love. Some learn this quickly, others don’t and it takes a long time. We all are broken, some more than others and it takes longer to heal. As difficult as this physical plane is to deal with, it is the most effective way to learn. It is only through recognizing and accepting the ways in which we are different that we learn how alike we are. It’s when we come to the understanding that we are family, that we stop criticizing and judging each other.

Every plant, animal, and person on this planet is a part of the same creator. To be cruel to an animal is being cruel to family. To cut down a forest destroys a piece of us. To hate or kill hurts us all.

Love is the point.
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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