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Winds of Change

I had an interesting dream last night/this morning that I wanted to write about and see what y’all think about it. I would appreciate any ideas that may be sent my way.

In my dream my brother, sister and myself were in a building. At first glance I thought it might have been a hotel or a B&B but I’m not sure. In any case I must have just come from a bath or something because I had a blanket or a towel wrapped around me. I went into my room and my things had been moved around, some things were gone as well as all my clothes! There were some boxes that I am not sure were there before and looked in one of them to see if I could find some clothes to wear but the contents of the box was some handbags I haven’t seen in a very long time. To say that I was a more than a little upset that someone took my clothes would be correct.

I was walking around ranting that I had no clothes to wear and went into a room that someone had stripped bare. Everything was gone, even the plaster was taken from the walls. Like they, whoever that is, was starting from scratch. This was added to my no clothes rant and I went around a corner and found my sister looking through some boxes. The room she was in felt like a store space. It felt fairly large, there were boxes piled up and a rack near her with a couple hangers on it. Behind her was a very large window. I saw a big black and grey tornado coming. We had very little time to get to safety so I yelled for everyone to get in the back. My sister didn’t move, so I yelled again and she came. We ran to a small room and I found my brother was safe as well as a couple other random people, no idea who they might have been. So the tornado blows by/through and the whole building shook like crazy but stayed intact and were all fine. At no time during this did I feel like I was somewhere I didn’t belong or scared. A little under dressed perhaps but I wasn’t scared. I was also not worried about the rest of my family, so I must have known that wherever they were, they must have been safe.

I told my brother about the dream after he got home from work and his first response was to say the winds of change are blowing. If that is the case, and I am thinking it is, this is going to be one heck of a change. I did a three card version of my Know Do Grow and got an interesting result that confirms what P, Yeshoa and Papa have been telling me. From my perspective this is going to be good.

What do you think?

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

9 thoughts on “Coffee Break Chat

  1. Very interesting! Houses in dreams can symbolize our selves. That your brother and sister were there may reflect their importance in your life. Boxes… Maybe compartmentalizing something that they can help you “unpack”? The bare room could be a clean slate of sorts. Is there something where you kind of feel robbed of, but maybe it’s a wiping of that slate to make room for something new? I like your brother’s response that the tornado is the winds of change! 😄

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      1. it can be a bit frustrating. They show us what is coming then tell us to be patient. I think it’s a test, sort of, they want to know whether we will hold the space for what is coming, trust and believe, even though we have no evidence of it. It does always come at the perfect time. When we are spiritually and emotionally ready.

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  2. What an fascinating dream. After reading your description, twice, I noticed one basic theme: exposure. And/or the possibility of exposure. You’re wearing only a towel, hence nearly bare. The room is “stripped bare.” There is a “large window” that reveals not only what is out there–in this case a tornado–but also what is in the room–you. You don’t won’t this exposure. You rant about not having your clothes and naturally run for shelter from the oncoming tornado. It passes by, a close call.

    I don’t think the dream means that you desire to be a stripper or anything such as that. :-/ But the near nakedness and the bare room suggest that you are perhaps ready to put on different clothes, a different you, a different environment, but you are still wise enough to avoid the tempest, that which mindlessly destroys. You will work or exist within a strong structure, but still one you need to learn about. I think. you are right to be positive because the storm passes, but perhaps looking for the old clothes is the wrong thing to do. Search for the opportunity. The winds of change, indeed, a very good insight.

    This was a most interesting post. thank you so much. 🙂

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    1. What an excellent insight Paul, thank you! Perhaps some part of me is fearing the change that is coming so I am looking for the comfort of what is known and safe. The boxes contain the old parts of me and my life that I must be willing to release. Wow, thank you! ❤ I have some work to do.

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