Wrapping It Up


2016 is nearly over and wow, what a year it’s been; pretty crazy huh? A nine year can be rough with its confusion, endings and roadblocks. Quite often it is only in looking back that we can see clearly how the disappointments and pain have worked to change us for the better. A nine year can force change whether we are ready and willing or not. It can bring our world crashing to pieces around us, making us question everything we thought we knew and believed. It’s only in our willingness to be broken and let go that the platform upon which a mass of seeming chaos becomes a new and better reality. The process of loss and change can be devastating for some, making it difficult to find and put the pieces of who we are becoming back together again.

How was the year for you? For me it has been a year of growth and self discovery. I had a couple of crash and burns that lead me to the biggest lesson of the year, and the most difficult thing I’ve been working on letting go, and that is fear. I thought I had defeated it. The last time a nine year came around I took a huge step of faith and I learned to be strong and brave. I lost a great deal in the process, but I didn’t lose what mattered most. Earlier in the year I came face to face with the fact that I was still living in fear, still hesitating to take some risks. Even though I have some work yet to do, I have taken risks this year that I would have never been brave enough to try before, it’s a start; I’m good with it.

I wrote an article that was published in the local paper. I was excited about it and scared at the same time. Another thing I started doing was live feeds on Facebook. I do a meditation on Monday evening around 6:30, a Tarot session every other Tuesday evening at 6 and an open forum chat on Thursday evenings. I have to admit taking these steps is terrifying, but I will keep doing them, and more, because I refuse to continue living in fear. I want to live every moment of my life to its fullest potential and fear is no longer a part of that picture.

In April something happened that sent my life into a bit of a tailspin. It altered my life and the way I will forever see my Birthday. On April 21 Prince came to talk to me. I had always felt a connection to him but didn’t follow his career over the years and never purchased any of his albums. His talent is exceptional. What a loss.

It was kind of surreal, I talk with my Guardian Angel, Spirit Guides, some of the Archangels, my Dad, Father and Eshoa, quite often, but I had never really talked to anyone else. Prince told me he had been murdered, betrayed by people he thought he could trust. They were poisoning his food, but it was a glass of juice that killed him. He was not a drug addict! We talked on and off for a couple of days and still do. He told me we’ve been friends across previous lifetimes. Most recently England in the 1850’s. I was a guy that time around.

This year has taught me that I have to be working on staying in the moment. This is no small task for me. With my birthday, life path and soul number being a three, I am going in multiple directions at once and thinking seven steps ahead of that. You cannot enjoy life’s moments if you aren’t present in them. I have learned that it’s ok to not know what’s next all the time.

I’ve been guided to learn Astrology so that is something I am working on. It’s not as complicated as I thought it might be. Like numerology, it kind of breaks down to the math and I like math. So it’s all good.

The final thing I have been working on is letting go of expectations because they create a domino effect into so many negative emotions like judgment, disappointment, bitterness, anger and a few others that fit the category. These feelings are not based in love. Life should be lived only from a place of love. It should allow you to be who you are, not who someone thinks you should be. So why do we hang onto things that are not love?

I have learned that when I place an expectation upon myself, or someone else, I am putting an emotional demand on that person to do, to be or to act in a way I think appropriate and that’s not at all fair. The beliefs and desires of my true self or those of someone else are altered because of expectations. When the emotional demand is not met, in comes the parade of negative emotions. When it is met the person on whom the demand is place must live a truth that is not their own. Either way damage is being done and I chose to do my best to rid myself of expectation, judgment and their friends.

Life is an ongoing journey of good and bad experiences. Sometimes things have to come crashing down around us in order to recognize that it’s time to let go and seek something better. Fortunately we are all a work in progress and when this lifetime is over all that will matter is what we learned and how it helped us grow.

Life’s finish line is not our win though. The winning moment is when we find the strength to stand back up and start putting the pieces back together again. It takes time, there is no way around it. Earlier this afternoon I was beating myself up about something that I perceived to be a personal fault and I decided to get out of my head and talk to Father about it, so I went to do the dishes. I meditate by doing things that don’t require my conscious participation. What he told me is “Time is an illusion dear one, it can never be too late.” That’s encouraging!

Blessed Be ā¤ Sharon

4 thoughts on “Wrapping It Up

  1. I’m so glad to hear you are feeling better. I remember how sad you were back when Prince had just come to you. ā¤ My own year has been bumpy but in an ultimately good way – I think. I've certainly seen both myself grow and I feel I've finally found a purpose in life which is amazing. I wouldn't say that the whole year's been good. I'm still stuck with a situation that's not going away. But I see it as resolving and very soon now. I feel confident of it whereas earlier in he year I saw no hope. šŸ˜®
    I love the last quote that time is an illusion. It's never too late to do and be who you want to be šŸ™‚ ā¤ ā¤ ā¤

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