We Have Nines


After doing the draw this morning I couldn’t stop thinking about the significance of this day. So I decided to take a break from research and lectures to write a quick post about it. Well, in stepped Mercury Retrograde and down went my internet and cell service. HAHAHA!! Gotta love it. πŸ™‚ Several hours later here we are back online. Whoo Hoo, Celebrate good times!!

Anyway, Nines. Today is pretty big, and so is tomorrow. As I said this morning; we are in a Universal Nine month, today is the ninth day of that month and in a Universal Nine year. Beyond that though, Friday reduces to a nine. We are having a quadruple nine-day!! Those four nines reduce to a nine. WOW :0

This is a huge message from the Universe and I hope we are all paying attention. Nine is about compassion and tolerance. Being a multiple of three it holds the creativity and social aspect of the three as well as the love and care of the six but magnifies them to a world level. Talk about Universal Love, the energy feels incredible.

Nine is also completion. Being a multiple nine, the Universe is telling us to get busy and finish up anything left incomplete. Do we have projects undone? Do we need to release anything that no longer serves our highest good? Let it go! The message is get it done because something new is on its way. What an amazing opportunity for us to get rid of what isn’t working so there is room for something new. I’m so ready.

Tomorrow is also going to be a multiple nine-day. We will be in a Universal Nine month, having a Universal Nine day and in a Universal Nine year! Completion X3. My son and I did the math and figured out that the next time this situation will happen is in 2052 and 2061. This is a rare occurrence and a very special opportunity.

Have a good one. Blessed Be ❀ Sharon

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