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The thought occurred to me that I could change the title of these posts to Coffee Break Rant. But, that isn’t the energy I want to be putting out, so I will leave it as is. As always, help yourself to a cup of coffee and get comfy. We are chatting about how to reach closed-minded people today.

This chat is the topic today because I had an interaction on social media recently that saddened me. A friend posted an interesting video on her Facebook and opened the floor to conversation about the subject. She and I spoke briefly then it hit the fan and any chance of open-minded conversation went out the window with the oncoming rush of closed-minded indignance attacking me for my point of view.

At first, this was met with mixed feelings on my part. I was a little hurt and put off that anyone would react like that. I do recognize that my reaction is my choice and has nothing to do with my attackers. If I get all but hurt about something it’s generally a trigger that there is some growing or releasing to be done on my part. I accept that. What I will not accept is being bullied and disrespected by someone who has not done the research and will not accept an opportunity for a calm and open-minded conversation.

Now I am an earth sign, a Taurus, because of this I am a very laid back and patient person. I did my best to be pleasant to my attackers and accepting of their choice to believe what they choose to be their truth. I will not deny anyone that right, but don’t ever condemn me for speaking my truth and call me a moron for not believing as you do! Well, I am ashamed to say I gave it to one of the women with both barrels, dropped the mike and walked away from the conversation. This morning I apologized to my friend for my part in the fiasco that manifested on her post.

How do you reach people who are so closed that they will not even entertain the thought of an opinion other than their own? Often times these opinions are not even their own. They are an acceptance of a belief system that has been handed down across generations. The very sad “People like us can’t do that” idea. Some people blindly accept what they see on the news or in the paper as reality on the premise that governments and the media are telling the truth.

Maybe it’s just me. I question everything. I accept no opinion without doing the research and asking the Godhead first. The question remains, how do you reach someone so closed? I guess it’s not possible. People must want to grow and consider new lines of thought. So all we can do is Love them. They remain our brothers and sisters regardless of personal beliefs. All people are allowed to believe any reality they choose and, all people should be given that freedom without being bullied for their choice of reality. Respect and Love is what it boils down to.

What do you think? How do you handle situations like this?

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

14 thoughts on “Coffee Break Chat

  1. I have come to realize that it is difficult to change others. All I can do is speak my truth and hope that I am able to plant that idea within the crevices of their mind, as a seed, so hopefully it can take root and grow into more. I hope, as all lessons in life, that my words will at least flash through that persons mind, at some point time, evoking the beginnings of change within them…

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  2. I’m sorry to hear you had dealings with somebody like that. I haven’t come up with a way to deal with people like that unfortunately. I’ve had terrible experiences where people have made me cry in the past but these days I end up shrugging my shoulders and not knowing what to do. as you say people have to want to be open and many don’t. It’s similar to the person I lost as a friend via my blog, they weren’t willing to see my point of view and I didn’t ram it down their throat but just asked them to consider the alternative. Instead they stopped talking to me and that was it. I think the reason I ended up feeling like crying might well be me being very emotional. I’m a scorpio and also a water sign pig in the Chinesezodiac and was born in a water year (according to Chinese zodiac) and from what I read it makes me overly emotional to things.
    I do know tha social media can be a cruel place for the closed minded to air their opinions. It seems there are more closed than open minded people there and in the world on the whole. They have louder voices and maybe the lesson for us to learn is to simple let them be and know that as much as we want to we cannot change them and must let go…? Something hard to do when we want people to see sense.

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    1. I know there is little we can do. It’s just painful to see people unwilling to grow. But that is their choice and I respect their choice. I have thought about shutting down my personal Facebook and just letting the drama go. I can keep my business page easily. I might do that.

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      1. You don’t have to shut down your personal page you could make it private though and only viewable to friends and stuff like that? I can certainly understand not wanting to deal with all that though. I am always wary of spending too long online particularly with some people. It’s why I needed a break and have vowed to keep spending time away regardless of my blog, I get upset very easily from too much hatred, I’ve even stopped following some people on facebook who have no interest in me and who post some things I don’t agree with.
        About 12 years ago I used to be online very regularly until I had a similar altercation with someone online, they thought I’d said something about them which I hadn’t but it turned into a bullying session with a bunch of people in a chat hurling abuse and accusations at me, actually made me cry back then when it was over!. It took me a long time to gain my confidence to be social online at all after that, I hope you won’t be too affected by what happened. 😦 Hugs to you ❤

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  3. honestme363, I agree totally. As you said I think first. Then I’ll think about when someone pounces on someone or me who believes or thinks differently. I just look at it and ask am hurt by such things? Yes a little then I think if I valued their opinion I would be upset. But won’t value it. Then tell myself it holds no merit, such as no social redeeming attitude doesn’t bother me and laugh in their general direction.

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  4. Sharon they are called trolls, sorry about that. Just note the fact that they are everywhere on social media, waiting and watching to pounce on their next victim. There’s a saying I like, you don’t argue with fools because they bring you down to foolery with their level of experience in foolishness. I do not like to call them fools, but that’s the only thing I can come up with for people who don’t respect the opinions of others because they think they are dumb while they are smart. Who made them God over others, much less over the thought of others. For instance, I would respect any opinion so long as it doesn’t bring injurious harm or death to the life of another. Surely i can’t be expected to sing praises for someone who is promoting violence, but who am I to call the opinion of another dumb when it is not causing me or another any harm. That would be a dumb move. Hugs dear. And please don’t delete your account on the account of trolls, do so because you are tired of being there.

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    1. Thank you Mary. My son called them trolls as well. I think it’s sad that anyone would hold their own opinion as the only one to be had. I see and feel the pain behind their words and wish I could help. But they have to want to heal.

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  5. Trolls do what they do for the sheer joy of wreaking havoc. They deserve no pity or sympathy – just block them and carry on.

    I call Facebook and platforms like that ‘anti-social’ media…because the most anti-social, hateful people seem to congregate there, just waiting for a topic to pounce on and derail.

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