Dream Big and Danny’s Question of the Day


Danny from Dream Big Dream Often posts a Question of the Day. They are always interesting. The question he posed a couple of weeks ago was. “Did you pause to celebrate the last time you accomplished a goal, big or small”? If you would like to read that post you can find the link to Danny’s blog here. Look around and check out his blog, it’s pretty great and he is a nice guy!

My response to the question was that I didn’t remember. So my best guess was that I probably didn’t. I know that I set the bar of achievement for myself too high. I always have, no matter what I do, it’s not good enough for me. I feel like I could have done better or more. OOOhhhh blog post idea! 🙂 Danny asked me if this robs me of joy.

I don’t think it does. I am a happy and content person. Even feeling the pain of so many people around me. It makes me happy to return love and peace to the hurting and broken. My focus has never been on my happiness. It has always been on others, their happiness and joy. I am here to do a job that Father asked me to do. Knowing that I am doing that job to the best of my ability gives me a sense of satisfaction, but I set the bar higher than I can reach because it makes me work harder to connect with as many people as I can. The true joy and celebration will come after what is fast approaching is over and the universe is renewed.

What I do celebrate is the achievement of people who thought they couldn’t reach a goal, or find their way back from a dark place. I love working with people and helping them find balance and purpose to their life. Helping people heal and move forward, to believe in themselves and their dreams, then begin to follow them. I believe that is what we are here for, to serve humanity, to lift each other up. To heal each others brokenness so that we can move on and help someone else heal and move on. Now that is worth celebrating.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


7 thoughts on “Dream Big and Danny’s Question of the Day

  1. Hey my sunshine gurl…
    Short note to tell you that I mailed you your lil gift… : ) it was shipped out today…
    Haven’t been on here since my upper GI …been sick with stomach pain and fever ever since even been to the ER and stayed over 8 hours so not doing so hot…I am now just getting enough strength to pay the bills for the month and this is the longest that I have been out of bed and I am heading back to bed …I have not forgot about your email gurl …I will return to normal soon I hope lol..At least the last few hours has been better than I have been since the upper..
    I just wanted to touch base with ya gurly gurl……
    smile you are loved

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  2. Hey gurl..did you get my message above???…huggs to you..
    better news I feel a lil bit better my stomach anyways lol just real tired and a lil pain here n there in the stomach but not near as bad as it was…so I hope to be back to my online talks with ya that I miss so much….

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    1. I am glad you are feeling a bit better. I still may try to project there. Odds are you won’t see me. If it will freak you out I won’t try. I’ve been busy doing some research the last couple of days for my other blog so I haven’t been here. I’m actually just taking a break from my research to post a blog. I was so into it that I spaced posting earlier. do you have google chat? I miss chatting with you too. We will have to figure this out!


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