Mapping The Way Home

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Hello my friends, The Daily Draw resonated with me and got me thinking about trust. It occurred to me that life is like a road map. We have the road that is our truest self, sometimes for whatever reason we get off that road. That is where we get lost and confused. Fortunately every road will get us where you’re going eventually. So there is no wrong way to go. Sometimes though the fastest and easiest route isn’t the best. It’s the detours and roadblocks that teach us some of the lessons we need to learn. They teach us we are stronger and braver than we imagined we could be. The roads we travel teach us who we are. They show us who we are becoming.

Life is trusting that the roads we choose are the best ones for us. We may have no idea where we are going but we must believe that we are headed in the right direction, that the signs we are following are the correct ones. The times we are feeling confused and lost are like those road signs telling us that maybe we are on a wrong highway and we need to take another look at our map to see if there is a better route we can take.

Life is trusting that the people we choose to be in our lives will be there for us and not let us down. Sometimes we may be too quick to trust people. We want to believe that everyone we meet and interact with is an honorable person and has our backs. Sometimes they do let us down and it makes us feel like we can’t trust anyone. That is where we have to forgive and believe that there is good in the world and that not everyone is dishonest in their actions or out to hurt us.

Life is trusting in ourselves. That we are worthy of all good things and that we are capable of anything we set our minds to. This is a rough one for me, I can be my own worst critic. I am learning though. I’ve come a long way to believing in and trusting myself.

Life is trusting the process. We have to trust that the decisions we make are the best ones for us and will not take us off our main road. We have to trust that if we do veer off our desired route, that it will be for our highest good. That it will make us stronger and that ultimately we will be OK.

Life is trusting that whatever we call God, that our Guardian, and Guides are always there for us. Showing us the way home.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


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