Prayer of Healing

Good afternoon everyone. I hope your Sunday/Monday is going well. It’s my favorite day of the week, because I get to spend it with my family. ❤ For those of you that have been following my blog for a while, you know that I do not believe in formal religion. Religion is a man-made, I choose to follow the Godhead not one groups limited idea of what God is or isn’t. I will defend to the death anyone freedom to believe in formal religion if that is your comfort zone but Eashoa did not come to create a religion. Anyway, I’m getting off track. :0  I woke up with this prayer in my head and I want to share it. It is the Prayer of St. Francis and it is a prayer for healing. We could all use some of this right now. Maybe if there are enough of us focusing on it today we can spread some healing and love out to the world.

Prayer of St. Francis

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. 
Where there is hatred, let me sow love; 
Where there is injury, pardon; 
Where there is doubt, faith; 
Where there is despair, hope; 
Where there is darkness, light; 
Where there is sadness, joy. 
O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek 
To be consoled as to console, 
To be understood as to understand, 
To be loved as to love; 
For it is in giving that we receive; 
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned; 
It is in dying to self that we are born to eternal life.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

12 thoughts on “Prayer of Healing

      1. Yes it did gurl…I had an extra shipping box in my file thingy so I put an extra lil something in as a lil gift of being my friend and I think only you would like it as much as I love it …lol riddles …so it is ready to go into the mail well I have to take it to the post office and I am not sure I think I need to tape the edges I will ask them at the office since I don’t think sending it the way it is would work I am afraid it will open up and be lost…I am going to try to mail it tomorrow since I have to have an upper GI done at 2:30pm so long day ahead….I hope they can find the problem of all this nausea I know I have stomach problems and taking a pill for it but something else is going on since I am living on promethezine and otc stomach and the medication the dr is giving me lol…I so need a good report tomorrow gurl..good news…..
        How is your day treating you gurly gurl???


      2. It’s been a good day. I was supposed to have a Skype meeting at 8 but the person I was supposed to have the meeting with didn’t show! so I decided to get on and read and comment a bit instead.

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      3. I do have a skype account a few lol but no cam or mic…my old ones would not work on the newer computer…I hope soon to get all that or a cheap lap top to use for things like this and we can talk : )

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      4. well I am sorry for not getting back to you but dad ended up taking a shower
        and I was filling out paper work for the upper Gi I just had done appointment wasn’t until 2:30pm we got to Rockwall not a Dallas trip thank god lol..this is closer and I was in so much pain since I had not had any medications since 4:oopm the day before and a late appointment and nothing to eat as well since the same time ..but got it done but when the dr came in to explain what they found that it is moving from my throat and stomach to my intestines and I asked him what is the cause of the pain in my stomach and nausea and wtf does he say oh you will have to make an appointment to talk about that lol the nurse just shook her head I said that is why I am here the dr just wants more money …the nurse said in private to me that they have a bad azz dr female that runs circles around all the regular dr there and also she is one of the best at finding the things that most dr don’t find like why I have stomach pain and nausea …This nurse said in private to me said I could loose my job but go with this dr and how good she is and she won’t stop until she finds the real happy about that…
        They all said they wished they had more patients like me how I made it easy and made them laugh my better half was making them laugh as well so it was as good of a time as it could be considering what was going on…just going with out medications I could hardly move but when I woke up I took my medications and that was after 5pm so almost 24 hours without anything and no food omg..We got home but stopped to get food for better half and I and ate at home since dad already ate lol after that I hit the bed so tired from that and the trip…and the drugs they gave me lololol…
        Hell I am still tired today..have not done anything but hung out and talking to dad and better half..ready for bed already ….
        OH I HAVE YOUR BOX READY TO GO…I was going to take it to the post office and pay for the postage yesterday on the way but to much pain…I think you will like the packaging I did lol…pretty colors….lol..and I did take yarn and measured my middle finger and tie a knot it is a lil loose to get over my knuckle ..Its black and a piece of tape holding it to your gift… : ) I think only you and I would like this gift…I know I do..and hope you do as well…hint…if you like the smell of the outdoors the smell of grass and rain…something like that…I hope you like it gurl and if not maybe someone you know would like it..: )
        So 2morrow I hope to be on here more I have to pay some bills but that is pretty much far as I know ..
        ok my dear sunshine one…How was your day??? I will answer your email 2morrow where I am more coherent lol…
        Hugggg n love to ya sista


      5. Oh for goodness sake. They made you o through all that to tell you nothing beyond make another appointment! Are you going to try the other doctor? It certainly can’t hurt. I’ve been good. 🙂 I’m intrigued about the package. I am sure I will love whatever it is. ❤ I hope you are feeling better today. Love you sista X ❤ X


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