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Hello! We haven’t had a chat in a while so help yourself to a cup of coffee and get comphy. Today we are talking about July and Numerology. I know that we are six days in now but this month feels different somehow and I want to explore this a bit. From a Numerology point of view we are in a Seven month, which explains part of the upward energy shift.

In Numerology the first six numbers are dealing with direct lessons we all have to learn. Seven is the first gate to the higher consciousness of spiritual learning. Seven, Eight and Nine are learning higher truth. Our truth. This month being a Seven for us will be a search for wisdom, for personal truth as well as our search for a deeper connection to whomever we call God.

July also has six Master Number days in it! Most months have one or two which are an 11/2 or 22/4. This month has a 33/6 and a 44/8. I’ll have to check July of last year. I don’t remember what last July had, but that’s an awful lot of really high energy packed into its 31 days.

When looking at Master Numbers in Numerology, they are never reduced. We have to look at the both the double-digit and it’s reduced form. They are always presented in their dual form, 11/2, 22/4 and so on. Living to the energy potential of a Master Number is not easy. It’s not uncommon for people with Master Numbers in their chart to let go of the higher energy and live the reduced energy.

Where Seven, Eight, and Nine deal with higher personal truth; the Master Numbers deal with an even higher, Universal Truth. So let’s take a look at these day’s.

11/2 : Just a Seven is the gateway to higher truth on a personal level, this number is the beacon to the higher, Universal Truth. On these days we will most likely want to find a balance, peace and harmony in our lives and others as well. This is the two speaking. The 11 being created from two ones, makes this a visionary number. There is a drive to create new. Our intuition on these days will also be quite strong.

22/4 : This Master is the Master builder, the Architect of Peace. Being made from a double two; on a universal scale this is a massive search for humanity to learn to get along. The four gives it the structure, the order and focus to make it happen. I know someone who is both an Indigo and a 22/4. This person is not only in this lifetime to tear down the old paradigm, but they are also here to rebuild the new one. On our 22/4 days we will be looking for peace, harmony and structure in our day.

We are only just beginning to see the 33, 44 energies on Earth. It is the Crystal Children that are bringing in this energy as we approach the shift. In time the Rainbows will bring in the higher Master energies of the 55 and beyond. There are some early Rainbows here. I can feel them but they are too young and not active yet.

33/6 : This Master is brings the energy of the three and six to the Universal level. The energy is Universal joy, Happiness and Service. 33/6 will teach us Universal Love and bring our energy back to God Consciousness. On our 33/6 day we will have nothing but Love and good will to share with everyone. That will be an amazing day!

44/8 : The energy of the four and eight combined is very strong. It is a drive for Universal Balance, Earth/Sky, Family/Work, Spirit/Material. We are talking about Order. It is a number of great Inspiration, Foundation and Discipline. On the day this energy come to us it’s going to be a hands down no holes barred day of unlimited potential. With both the four and the eight in the same place at the same time we will have the focus, the drive and the power to make things happen.

Well I hope you enjoyed our little snapshot of the month ahead. Have a great day!

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

6 thoughts on “Coffee Break Chat

  1. Very interesting. There is so much information it is nice to know more about the different numbers and their effect. Is November being 11 a master number month at all? I was born in November so just curious 🙂

    btw I love that coffee cup :):)

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  2. Hey my sista…
    Very interesting by far…How I wish I could remember all this…but I love that you put this out there ..great information for sure…
    Wish one day we could have a cup of coffeeeeeee and chatt….

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