The Moon and Her Phases


Everything is a part of the wheel of life. The wheel turns and a life is begins. Time passes, the wheel turns, life grows and matures. The wheel turns again, life ends and is returned to Mother Earth. Nothing lives outside the cycle. Even the stars are born, live and die in their due time. The wheel ensures balance in the universe.

When we live and work within the rhythm of the wheel we can function with greater efficiency than if we fight life’s flow. The moon is feminine, she is the nurturer, she is emotion, wisdom, intuition and fertility. The sun gives us passion but it’s the moon that gives us life. Without her, life could not exist as she controls the tides and seasons. The moon is the meeting point of life and death.

There are cultures and faith systems around the world both current and past that worship the sun and others that worship the moon. To the cultures that view the moon as the main deity, worship is based on the idea that the phases of the moon and the cycle of life is connected. That connection is in the sacred feminine. It is from the feminine that life is born and to the feminine that life returns. When we follow the way of the sacred feminine in our everyday lives we allow ourselves to work within the flow of life rather than against it. So with the Dark Moon approaching in a few days let’s take a look at the moon and her phases and see what each means to us.


Dark Moon:
This phase is most often, incorrectly, called the new moon. I have referred to this phase that way simply because calling it what it is, the Resting Moon or Dark Moon would confuse people. This is the down time before a new cycle begins and is the time to make plans and get ready for your new beginning. What is it that you would like to manifest in the coming weeks or months. The dark moon is also the perfect time for
divination and spell work.


Crescent Moon:
Members of the ancient Hebrew priesthood would hold a vigil when the moon went dark. They watched for the first sliver of the moon. When it was spotted a signal would go out across the countryside. This marked the beginning of the new month the New Moon. It’s time for new beginnings, new projects. Announce your intentions for the coming weeks and months. If you have friends or family that you can count on to support your efforts let them know what the plans are. It is also a good idea to keep a new moon journal. Keeping one allows you to track your efforts and accomplishments on your path.


First Quarter:
We are about seven days into the cycle and it’s time for action. Get your project out there and do something to make your dream a reality.


Gibbous Moon:
The moon is almost full. This is the time to refine our plans and make any needed changes.


Full Moon:
We are 14 days into the lunar cycle. The Moon’s energy is at its strongest. Open your shades at night and let her energy wash through your home. Set your crystals out in the moonlight to charge them. It’s time to harvest what had been set in motion at the Dark moon. Don’t worry if your project is not complete. There is still time. Keep in mind that some things take more than one month to manifest. Don’t give up!


Disseminating Moon:
The moon’s energy has begun to wane. Our energy and thoughts are beginning to look within. Is our project moving along well? Do we have to make any changes?


Third Quarter Moon:
We are seven days out from the full moon and it’s time to shake things up a bit. Let’s get rid of what is not working and fine tune what is left to make it better. Don’t start anything new.


Balsamic Moon:
We have reached the moon’s final phase, her energy is winding down. The time has come to release. Let go of what is not working in our lives whether is be plans, relationships, a job. If it’s no longer for our highest good, let it go.


Dark Moon:
We have come full circle. It is time to rest, to reevaluate our plans and prepare for the coming month. It is not uncommon for our goals to take more than one month to manifest. Keep at it and don’t give up. If we can see it in our mind and feel it in our heart we can make it real in our lives.


Blessed Be ❤ Sharon











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