Love, The Only Truth

Sky Heart

From the time my son was young I taught him to question everything. Partly because it made sense. Teaching an Indigo Child to accept nobody’s truth but his own was a good thing to do. Another reason was because so little of what we see or understand as real, is not real. It all energy, the chair I am sitting on, the table I am working at are energy, just like me and you, it’s simply vibrating at a slower rate. Yes; this universe and this planet are beautiful, but everything about this physical plane is an illusion to help us learn the truth and grow!

Not everyone wants to wake up and accept the truth, and that’s all right. No judgment here. The ultimate truth is Love. It’s so simple and complicated at the same time. It’s the only truth we need. It’s the truth Eashoa came to teach. (His name is not and never has been Jesus) He didn’t come to start a church. He came to show us our potential. He came to question the interpretation of the law because we were getting away from the truth. We misunderstood his lesson. Humans are such an amazing species, a little slow on the uptake… but still so much potential.

We were never intended to have a world full of governments, religion, or money. Those are man made things, not Father and Mother’s. We were meant to live in truth. The truth of Love. We were meant to walk with Father and Mother, not live separate from them. The moment we chose to live outside of Love we lost our direct connection to home and our Source. From that moment came Hate, Deception, Greed, Pain, Sickness, War, Death, Judgement and everything else that is wrong with this world. From Love comes Truth, Mercy, Grace, Kindness, Patience, Trust, Friendship, Honesty, Acceptance, Tolerance, Cooperation, Sharing and everything else this world was meant to be.

I choose to not watch television or read newspapers because I don’t want to get caught up in the lies of this reality. My connection to Father and Mother is too important to me and I don’t want my vibrational level to lower. The truth is there isn’t a government or church on this planet that functions in a way where people truly come first. If there were there would be no division in this world. I really don’t want to see or read about how horrible we can be to each other. I prefer to focus on my reason for coming to Earth, and raising the planet vibration. There is a change fast approaching.

Imagine with me, close your eyes… and imagine only love. Imagine a planet of pure love. Everyone is kind, happy, healthy, and living fulfilling lives. Every person on the planet has everything they need. There is no government or church telling us what we can and can’t do because it isn’t needed. Everyone loves and cares for everyone else. Now imagine this planet having the perfect temperature allowing everyone to grow enough food so that no one goes without. Imagine Father and Mother standing right in front of you, talking to you directly. That is the world this was meant to be!

It will be again, in time. Time, there is another illusion. But, that discussion is for another day.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

2 thoughts on “Love, The Only Truth

  1. Very true and it’s amazing how caught up we are in nonsense that lowers our vibrations. The governments, churches, etc don’t want there to be a world full of just love…where would they be if there was? They don’t want to lose power and control over people.
    I’ve struggled with religion when I was younger. I never felt comfortable with it and probably more so after being abused as a child. Anyway if I start I may go on and on and rant about religion and I don’t want to bring down your wonderful post ❤ 🙂

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