61 thoughts on “A New Grid

  1. Love that..had no idea what it was until someone above asked…I am sure that will look so pretty on your desk maybe that is where I see it… : ) gurl you need to write me a book so I can learn more..but then I have you my dear friend to ask…lol…but I sure wish I had your knowledge …and stores to get things needed and the know how…but I am learning thanks to you ..tytyt

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      1. I so appreciate that coming from you my dear sunshine friend….I wish that we knew of a store around here and you could tell me what to get for this and that…
        Oh and I will take a piece of yarn of my left middle finger and send it to you…I am left handed and I use it for most things unless you see it on another finger on the left hand or right…or my first finger on my left hand…what is your take gurly gurl..

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      2. OMG not to many of us left handed in this world…this is amazing!!!!….yes I was just looking at my hand again again left hand middle finger I agree that is what I was going for in the first place …so we agree again hehe..

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      3. Could have been..: ) lots and lots of fucking rain…it rained again today…we didn’t get the flooding like the other parts of texas but the rain we did get..for weeks…the guys mowed one time and just now today able to mow it again that is how much rain we have had..and not it’s fucking hottttt….but that is Texas for ya lol..you just never know what you will get when it come to Texas rain,sleet ,ice,snow,rain,tornado, oh there is more lol…

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      4. Yes our yard was to flooded for the nurse to walk in shoes to get to the front porch for over 2 weeks …yeah we got our break for a few days then today more rain …they said more rain tomorrow but I hope not and it went from nice flooding rain to HOT ..there is never in between in Texas never…

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      5. Yes it was gurl…But even last year we had a lot of rain…so 2 years in a row bout ready to start building a damn boat lol…as I say this it looks like its going to rain anytime…but so far today no rain…just wait for it lol…
        Yes the levels were getting low and now so much rain that they advise you not to camp with all the rain has brought out all the bad snakes and other animals…
        SO sunshine how are you feeling today???? any new news on P ? all I know is I am at the same high anxiety all day again…but getting better as I type this.. : ) but have not got anything done but then today is Sunday and a free day for me to relax..lol for now..well washing clothes..our work is never done is it gurl lol…I believe like you said in the email about my anxiety could be due to that..a highten sense…something like that you said dmt?? I will have to reread that and try to understand that more…I mean I can’t even focus to write on my blog…holding my breath..I even took my medication to help relax lol that was a joke…lol..
        So again let me know how your day has been going dear sunshine gurl…I am here…
        major hugggggs to you

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      6. Sundays are always good days for me. I love the family coming over and we eat and talk and laugh. It’s the best day of the week. I haven’t heard anything in the last couple days. Stay in the moment Suzz. Don’t think about the future or the past. that is where anxiety lives. But, right here, right now is peace and happiness and freedom. ❤


      7. now that sounds like a plan gurl!!! lol well mr and mrs hoho wouldn’t mind now would they lol…yes lets send it to them or over there cuzz it sux having it here everyday …

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