Today’s Daily Draw


Daughter of Air

When we are young we feel as if there is no limit to what we can achieve. The energy of possibility within us is bursting to fly free and soar as high as it can. The Daughter of Air came to tell us there is a lot of energy in the air today and that urge to fly is still within us. Our desire to fly free is tempered by maturity though and we need to know where we are flying. Although we may have new projects and ideas that we are excited about, rushing headlong into the unknown may not be a wise move. Let’s take some time today to listen to our intuition and decide what our first moves are going to be. When we are clear on what we are doing and how, we can soar as high as we want to go. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!!

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s Universal Number is seven. this is a number of spirituality, insight and a desire for knowledge and wisdom. This would be a good day to take a little time out to go within. Maybe take a walk and do some soul-searching and planning for the future.

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