Is It Really June?


How and when did five months fly by? This is a joke right, no? Well OK, fine! How is this nine year treating you so far? It’s been and insightful one for me. I’ve recognized that I need to make some changes and have set some goals that I am working toward.

A nine year can be rough. I’ll admit that, but they are not meant to be easy. It’s all about change and transformation. Neither of these is going to happen without some amount of discomfort. The energy of the nine is strong and we are sometimes pushed into change we didn’t see coming, or aren’t ready for, even though we knew it needed to happen. We are here to learn, grow and become the best versions of ourselves we can possibly be. That unfortunately won’t happen when we are cozy in our routine lives.

Sometimes growth is thrust on us whether we want it or not! The last time a nine year came to play my personal life was a mess. I knew I needed to get myself and my son out of the situation we were in, but I was scared to leave and scared to stay. Finally the universe had to step in and give me a shove by taking my job away in order to make me take the steps I needed to take.

Sometimes we have to be brave and strong when we don’t think we have it in us. We have to embrace the unknown and trust that we will be alright. When we look back we can smile and how we are so much better off for risks we took.

May the next six months be fruitful for us all and may we welcome the changes that are yet to come knowing we will be alright.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon



6 thoughts on “Is It Really June?

  1. Those first words are how I feel, lol. I can still vividly remember February, as if it’s now march!
    It has been a rough year for me so far but I look forward to where I’ll be in 2017, hopefully we’ll all be in a better place 🙂

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