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What’s Your Sign?

What’s your sign? I remember the days of polyester clad men with bad mustaches and puka shell necklaces asking me that question. My response was always rolling my eyes and walking away. I was there to dance, nothing more. And, seriously, did they have any luck with a pickup line like that?!

Now that I am done dating myself. 😮 Help yourself to a cup of coffee and relax, we are discussing Moon Signs today. Life is a series of dualities. We have good and bad, left and right, and of course we have the sun and moon. Everyone knows what the 12 signs of the zodiac are and what their sign is, but not everyone is aware that each of us also has a Moon Sign.

Our Sun sign is our outer self, it reveals the personality that we radiate to the world. Like the sun, the energy is active, outgoing, strong and dominant. The Sun Sign is the male aspect of who we are, but that is only half of what makes us complete.

Our Moon Sign is the other half. The moon is subtle, intuitive and holds our emotions. The moon doesn’t shine boldly like the sun. It reflects gently the parts of ourselves that we may not always show the world. The moon is our feminine aspect.

It is not uncommon for people to have different sun and moon signs. Which explains why some people read their horoscope in the newspaper or a magazine and think, that isn’t me at all! It is you, but only half of you.

If you are interested in finding out what your moon sign is you have two options. You can have an astrological chart done, or go to the web and find a site that does the math for you. I found such a site (here) and it seems to be pretty legit. I didn’t have any trouble with it.

I made this chart to show some of the similarities and differences of our outer and inner characteristics. The characteristics listed are by no means everything there is about each sign. I just wanted to put something side by side for you to see. Remember that in most cases our sun and moon signs can be different. For instance someone has an Aries sun but a Pisces moon. That person is going to be a big gruff ol teddy bear. But a person that is a double Aries may be an aggressive very emotionally demanding person.

Zodiac Sign
By Element
Sun Sign Characteristics
Outer Personality
Moon Sign Characteristics
Inner Emotional
Aries Aggressive and impatient Needs emotional support
Leo Big ego and stubborn Passionate and dramatic
Sagittarius Idealistic and free-spirited Likes moving, adventurous, all or nothing
Cancer Supportive and nurturing Expression is a must, insecure, looks back to past
Scorpio Intense, brooding, magnetic Can hold a grudge, precise, cool
Pisces Mystical, escapist, caretaker Caring and nurturing, dreamer
Gemini Social, superficial, curious A talker, secretive and out of touch
Libra Likes beauty and harmony People pleaser, second guesses themselves
Aquarius Idealistic, utopian, domineering Thinks then talks, self-centered and aloof
Taurus Grounded, practical, patient Prefers calm and peaceful, cool, puts up walls
Virgo Perfectionist, a helper  Curious, creative, organizer
Capricorn Determined, focused Keeps feelings to themselves, controllers

I hope you enjoyed our chat about Moon Signs and learned something perhaps. I will see you next time for our Coffee Break Chat.

Have a great day 🙂

13 thoughts on “Coffee Break Chat

  1. This is very interesting, I had not heard of sun and moon signs before. I was born on the cusp of Virgo and Libra, but leaning closer to Libra which feels about right for me. I am going to pop over to the link and see if I can find my moon sign!

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  2. Interesting post. Reading my zodiac sign description above (Libra) is spot on for me. I’d be interested in reading more about the moon sign. Will have to check out that site, thanks.

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  3. Great chart – it does help to know the Moon sign, as well as one’s Ascendant! I’m an Aries with Leo ascending and Moon in Virgo…also, my Venus is in Aries, and my Mars is in Taurus – yes, I’m a handful!

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