An Update

Hello everyone I wanted to touch base with you and thank you for hanging in with me for these weeks as I get organized. I am very nearly 100% and am planning on beginning to post regularly again this week. At this point I am not planning on changing much, post wise. I will do … Continue reading An Update

Today’s Daily Draw

Mother of Air ~ Father of Earth Quite often we are so busy taking care of everybody elses needs, being the person they wants us to be, that we forget to take care of ourselves first. And just be who we are. Why do we feel we need to hide our true selves? For today … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Stains on Paper

Welcome back 🙂 the coffee is hot so help yourself. Today I am sharing a poem. I love writing poetry. Words have such power so you have to pay attention to cadence, rhyme if you are using it and the flow. I also love how reading and commenting to fellow bloggers posts can spark an…