Today’s Daily Draw


Wisdom is the card that came to us today. It is time to open our eyes because one of two things is about to happen. We need to keep our eyes and hearts open and be on the lookout for a teacher. Someone could be coming into our lives to teach us something that will help direct us in some big part of our journey. This person will impact us in a way we had no idea could possibly happen. On the flip side we may be the one being sought out to impart our wisdom to help someone else grow. We have all been on a long journey and have something to share. We all have pieces to our puzzle that need help falling into place. So don’t run around in circles. Step back, relax and breathe. It will be fine. Remember you do have a lot to share with others whether you realize it or not. Have a wonderful day and keep those eyes and hearts open..

Today’s guest reading comes to us from Terry of the momterry blog.
Thank you Terry! Feel free to contact her for a personal reading.

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