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I had an interesting response from my Family Secret post. Nothing derogatory, WordPress is a great group of people so I didn’t expect any negative responses. I did get a couple of requests for more information so I thought I would try to answer some of the questions that I received both from the post and over the years.

Are you a Real Witch? Yes I am. I get this question once in a while. It’s a shock to some people that witches actually exist. As I said in my first post some people are born witches and some come to the path by choice. There are a lot of us. For the most part we don’t look or act differently than anyone else. There was a time when secrecy was vital and there are witches today that don’t want anyone to know they are a witch. I don’t care who knows.

Should I be scared of you? This question was asked in jest but it is a valid one. People fear what they don’t understand and closed minds fear the most. The answer is no you don’t have to be afraid of me. Just like there are good and bad people, there are good and bad witches. Most, like me, are good.

Are Warlocks real? There are actually two parts to this question and I touched on it in my first post. There is a such thing as a Warlock but it is not a male witch. Witches have always been thought of as female only but there are male witches. A witch is a witch, male or female. A Warlock is someone who is a witch but does not follow the rede and uses the craft for evil. Just like in normal human life, there are rules that must be followed.

How far back can you trace witchcraft in your family? The first documented family member can be traced back to 1585. Prior to him I have not found any records. It is going to take a trip to Europe to find more information and hopefully that is a trip I can take this year sometime.

Do you do spells and stuff? Yes I do and yes they do work! Spells must be done carefully and should never be done by someone that is not experienced.

Do you have a family spell book? I am quite sure there is one. My guides have told me that one exists but it’s location is unknown to me. My Father’s Father had many brothers and sisters so it could be anywhere in the USA or Europe. I personally keep track of my spell work, but I don’t know about my brother and sister. We really should begin our own as a group!

Do you worship satan? This is the kind of question that fear asks. No I do not and neither does vast majority of the rest of us. As I said there are bad witches that might but I have never met a warlock so I can only speak for myself. I worship the Godhead. The same Godhead as you. The Godhead has many names. Krishna, Allah, Buddha, the Great Spirit and any other of a large array of names. I believe that Jesus was a real person and that he was both the message and the messenger. I believe the message was not correctly understood by his followers, they didn’t get it! nor did they deliver the message correctly. Whether or not I am right will be determined in the future.

Do you curse people? No, I let Karma take care of it.

Will you do a spell for me? No I won’t and I won’t tell you how to do it yourself. I have found that when people ask they are wanting someone or something that may not be theirs. For instance I want so-and-so to love me. I could do a spell for that but then you would always wonder whether or not that love was real because it was based on a spell. Is that a life you really want for yourself and the other person? If you want someone or something make it happen on your own. If it doesn’t happen the it was not meant to be.

Do you belong to a coven?  Yes and no. My brother, sister and I don’t often work together. My sister lives on the west coast so that makes it difficult but the four of us here do work together. Most witches, though, are sole practitioners.

Do you have powers like on Charmed? I touched on this a bit in my previous post. My brother, sister, myself and our children do but it is not necessarily the norm. Not all witches have gifts and not everyone with a gift is a witch. My sister is the oldest and she can speak to the dead and see across the veil. My brother is a healer, he can see and travel across the veil to other dimensions. I am a healer, an empath, I can warp time, and can see across the veil. My brother and sister can also warp time. We all have clair abilities.

Am I a witch? It is my opinion that most witches can spot a witch. I can, and a couple of the people who responded to my post are. If you think you are do some research into your family and see what you find. If you are drawn to the path then I believe it is a path you should follow. Your best bet is find a witch or a coven and ask to be taught the craft. If that is not possible then, like we were, you will have to learn on your own. There is a lot of good information out there.

Did you lose followers because of your post? Yes and no I did lose a couple and that is alright. I will never be angry with anyone for living their truth. I bless them and wish them well. I also have a small group of people who always read and commented on my posts that don’t anymore, but they did not stop following me?

That is all I have right now but if anyone has questions I didn’t answer feel free to ask!

10 thoughts on “Some More Witch Stuff

  1. This is very interesting. What would you say to people who are skeptical about witchcraft and the supernatural in general? For instance, I love the idea of it all because it fires my imagination but I’m not convinced that it actually exists. I’d be interested to hear what you’d say.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and the interesting question and I will answer it as my post for today. I will have it up in a couple hours! I am gettting ready to post the daily draw, then I will answer your question and post it. Thank you!

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