This Nine Year of Ours



This nine-year is hitting people pretty hard and its barely even begun, because of this I wanted to do another post to explain this year a little more and maybe give a few hints about how to make the most of its energy. A nine-year doesn’t have to be a bad thing. We know that it is a year of completion but if we plan ahead we can make it a good year.

The goal of a nine-year is to do whatever is necessary to complete the current cycle so that we don’t take any of its leftover baggage into the new one. This can be rough, endings can be scary and sad, especially the unplanned ones; but as difficult as it might be a nine-year is a good thing if you come at it with the right attitude.

This is a good year to take stock of our lives. Deciding what we did over the previous eight years that was good and worth hanging onto or improving on a little more, we also need to release the people, habits, thought patterns and ideas that don’t serve our highest good anymore. We need to wrap things up, complete projects and get rid of things that no longer have a place in our life. This is a perfect year for doing a deep cleaning out of our inner and outer home. There are a few ways we can do this from a positive point of view.

We can’t move forward if we are desperately hanging onto the past. One of the things we can do to let go of the past is to take a look at our home and de-clutter. Getting rid of the items that you don’t need, want or no longer use accomplishes two things. By taking good usable items to a resale shop or giving them to charity gives someone the opportunity to have something they need at a reduced cost, and it opens up the energy in your home and gets it moving again.

A nine-year is a good time to take stock of where our lives are going. Are you putting off changes that you know need to happen? Quite often in a nine-year change is thrust upon you and it shakes you to your core. It is not at all uncommon that relationships or jobs will end in a nine-year, or you will find yourself moving. Mercury Retrograde in a nine-year only makes the energy more intense.

I will use myself as an example. Seven years ago was a personal nine-year for me. My life was not anywhere near happy. I knew I needed to get myself and my son out of the situation we were in but it was difficult. I will spare you the gory details. The only thing I had that was good was my job. Change needed to happen, I knew it but I was having a hard time manifesting it. Well the universe made it happen for me. The company I worked for was bought out and closed! How is that for an in your face time for a change!? The company I worked for was the only place to work in a very wide area. We had people driving 60 miles one way because it was the only place to work that paid a decent wage. I absolutely loved that job

The universe forced to make the change I needed and wanted to make. It was dangerous and scary. My son and I got out with basically the clothes on our backs and what we could get into our vehicles. In that nine-year I lost a job I loved, my relationship ended (:)) and my son and I moved!  At the time I was terrified but it was the best thing I could do for my son and I.

Are there thought patterns that need to be released? Cleaning out the old thoughts and beliefs can be a difficult because the “I can’t and You’ll never'” can be buried very deep. Getting free of them will take some time but it will also change your life.

The last two things can be the most difficult because of the emotion involved. A nine-year can mean endings and letting go. Allow yourself to grieve the loss if that is what you want to do. Don’t live there though. Pick yourself up and keep going.

The final thing to do in order to release the past is forgive. This can be the most difficult thing of all. In reality it should be the easiest, forgiveness frees us and helps us move on but instead we hang onto the pain and anger until it grows so big that it changes who we are and how we see the world.

So forgive the people who hurt you. Forgive the people who let you down. Forgive yourself for the times you hurt someone whether or not you meant to. Forgive yourself for the missed opportunities and the times you let yourself down. Just forgive, you will feel so much better.

Now the question to ask is do we have any baggage to rid ourselves of. If so lets clear it so next year we will be ready for a whole new start. An Ending is really A New Beginning!!

12 thoughts on “This Nine Year of Ours

  1. yup. F the 9 year, still. Ending beginning… no matter…still sucks. A friend of mine had a childhood friend die in January and after the rains we badly needed, had a huge roof leak. They had just redone the ceilings in her living room. Our January consists of getting a place ready to sell (nightmare) moving forward with spending some money, we don’t have, just to have my hubby laid off and now it changes everything. We don’t know what we are going to do now. Except move forward this weekend with our open house. This Jan/Feb has been terrible for several people I know.


    1. It really has hit some people hard. I have a friend that lives in Ohio that had a sink hole open up under her home. She can’t sell because who is going to want to buy it? Her insurance won’t cover it because she doesn’t have earthquake coverage! Hang in there! it will get better.


      1. She has to pay out of her own pocket to have the house lifted off the foundation. Fix it, put the house back on the foundation and rip the floors out to fix them the walls and everything else buut then she is left with the knowledge that it is sitting on a sink hole. I suggested she find a lawyer because the builder had to know.


  2. Wow! This sounds like what happened to me. My relationship ended two weeks ago. I guess it’s good we didn’t get married but…it still hurts. I’m moving onto plan b, which is buying a home. I’ve already started the process. There is no going back. I’m hoping I can just keep this job for a few more months because I’ve been there almost six years. Thank you for sharing this! It makes SO much sense! I needed to read something like this.


    1. Everything runs in cycles both universally and personally. Universally this is a nine year. Personally it is a seven year for me. To find a personal year number you take the month and date of birth, reduce and add it to the current (or what ever year) and reduce again unless it’sa master number because they should never be reduced. I hope that made sense!


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