What You Had To Do

Be Strong

She sat alone at a table eating her lunch, pretending to read the words on the document she brought with her as a shield. Under normal circumstances she would be sitting at the “Loud” table across the room. The one where everyone is best friends and works their schedules around sharing the lunch hour. Everyone talks, laughs and shares their lunches. But, she isn’t welcome at that table anymore.

She stood to leave, walking past the “Loud” table someone coughed the word Traitor and it pierced her heart as if she had actually been stabbed. She stopped walking, turned and looked at her used-to-be-friends but didn’t say a word, turned and left the room with her head held high and holding back her tears.

Stares and whispers followed her through the office floor. Past desks where she used to chat with smiling co-workers that now look away. Past the secretary with tear-stained cheeks and the office where he packs his belongings as security watches.

Finally in the safety of her office she sits heavily in her chair, puts her head down and wishes the day were over, that she were anywhere but where she is. Lifting her head and turning to her computer screen she sees and note on the keyboard.

Be strong, you did what you had to do.

She cried

Sharon 01262016

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