I thought I would share a little bit about Imboloc. The festival begins at the setting of the sun today and runs till the setting of the sun tomorrow. Imboloc is a cross quarter Sabbat which simply means that it is halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. When trying to pronounce the word don’t make the “b” sound. Some people replace the “c” sound at the end with a “g” either way, it’s good.

Imboloc is special for two reasons. It celebrates the first signs of spring return of the sun and warm weather and coincides with the lambing season. It also celebrates the return of the maiden aspect of the Goddess Brigid bringing back life to us after a long and cold winter. This is a celebration of life and purification, of shedding ourselves of the things that no longer serve us and getting ready for the new.

Brigid is a triple Goddess which means she is celebrates in all her aspects, maiden, Mother and Crone. Brigid is the Goddess of poetry, healing and smithcrafting. She is also a well-loved Goddess of hearth and home. When Christianity came to the Celts she was not a Goddess that would go quietly into the mists so she was made a Saint and is still very well-loved.

This festival is celebrated many ways. Some people have a bonfire and feast. But, as I am a sole practitioner I have some fresh flowers and  two white candles. After the sun sets I will have my own celebration with some meditation, divination and I will write a poem to Brigid.

This was a little look at Imboloc. I hope you enjoyed it. There is a lot of history to the Sabbat if you are interested I can do another post and tell you more. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Have a great week, see you again

Blessed Be ❤

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