Today’s Daily Draw

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Vision Quest

This is the time of year for reflection so it is no surprise that the Vision Quest card would come today. The Vision Quest asks us to take a close look at our values, our belief systems and our goals from a fresh perspective. Is there any baggage or any left over negative thoughts or beliefs to get rid of before the coming of the new year? Are we on the path we should be?

In most Native American Cultures there is a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood where the young person (usually a boy) is sent to a location outside the community that has been chosen by the tribal elders. in this place the young person fasts and prays to the Great Spirit to be given a vision of their future within the community. This process can last a few hours ora few days. Not all tribes use this term but most tribes have a rite of passage ceremony.

This is a vision Quest and what this card is asking of us. Not necessarily to go on a fast in the woods for days but to take deep look at where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. To do this we must be willing to take a good honest look within. This can be a very uncomfortable thing to do. Sometimes being totally honest with ourselves is not easy. But, doing this helps us see the deeper meaning of life and our role in it.

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