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Welcome back everyone. The coffee is hot so help yourself.

We are doing a revisit today. I recently had a new follower ask me about Reiki. I had been thinking of doing a blog post about how I discovered Reiki for next week. Then Suchi asked me about it and I’m thinking OK I am listening! I’ll do a post 🙂 I sat down to start the post and remembered that I had already done a couple when I was just starting my blog. So rather than write a third I thought I would dust off the old ones and share them with you again.

If you would like to check out Suchi’s blog here is her link. I can’t really tell you much about her as I have not really had the chance to get to know her well. But I look forward to it 🙂



Welcome back! 🙂 Glad to see you today.

Making people better is what I have always wanted to do. Not be a doctor, that never pulled at my soul. I want to help people Be and Feel better. I remember two events that triggered this path.

The first was, gosh, another lifetime ago. My son was still a toddler so it’s been a while. 🙂  I worked in a factory and was friends with a woman who had an issue with her arm. Something in me told me to lay my hands on her and she would be fine. I had no idea what to do or how to do it but one day after work I waited with her for her husband to come get her, I didn’t want her to have to wait alone. We sat in my car chatting and I asked if she would let me lay my hands on her arm. I explained that a voice was guiding me to do it. She didn’t run away screaming, she let me and her arm did get better! Shortly after that she quit working there. Her husband didn’t want her around bad influences!! Deep breath…don’t judge…closed minds can’t see. This event started my journey. I knew I could help people, if someone didn’t feel well I found a way to touch them and they would get better. I never told anyone and life just went on.

The second event happened years later and in another state. I was in my bedroom with my sister and my son, we were laying on my bed talking and laughing about everything and nothing at all. As we talked the palms of my hands got real hot and you know how your eye feels when you have a stray eye lash in them? That is how my eyes felt so I used the tip of a finger at the corners to try to get it out.

Then out of nowhere my hands felt like they were on fire. My eyes were still feeling funny and I touched the corner thinking maybe it wasn’t an eyelash but a bit of fluff instead and they began burning like crazy. The burning intenisified and  just got worse. It was more than a little frightening. I got up and went to the bathroom to put water on my eyes and hands. I thought maybe I had something on them or in them?! The burning eventually subsided. A couple of days later I told my friend Glen about it and he said “OH, those chakras are fully open now, You are a healer!”  Like it was nothing he found surprising. It probably wasn’t he’s a psychic.

I was a bit confused about how the whole healing thing worked. I knew I could do it, I had been for years but I wanted to understand more. So I spoke to another friend, Jessica. She is a Reiki Master, among other things, and I signed up for her next beginners session. Over the course of a year and a half I took all three levels of training so I am a Reiki Master. Reiki helped me to understand how energy flows and how to focus it. I understand that it is not me doing the healing, I am the conduit and that’s cool!

I later learned that healing the body is one thing but there is a next step must be taken. All illness, all disease has its  base in the emotions and this is where healing must also focus. We are energy beings so if there is a darkness in your energy  it can and will manifest in your physical form. If you heal the root cause the physical symptoms will go away. Reiki can assist this type of deep healing.

If you are interested in learning about Reiki here is a link you can follow that will give you more information and help you find practitioners in your area.

It is really interesting to me that we carry our previous selves with us. The baggage both good and bad carries over from lifetime to lifetime. That baggage sometimes sits quietly within us not causing any issues and then there are times we feed it with our behavior because we haven’t learned the lessons we need to in order to stop ourselves. This can cause illness. It all fits together but I think this is another blog post. Stay tuned!!

The second blog was a background piece about how Dr. Mikao Usui learned to use Life Force energy to heal and gave an example from a session I had while living in Michigan. That link is here.

I hope you enjoyed the look back and I hope you have a fabulous Christmas!

Blessed Be ❤



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